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The Pill and Periods

Not sure if anyone else experiences this - I've been on the pill for ages to try and stop my periods and even on the mini pill or the combined pill ran together, they've never stopped. All that happens is from the time I'm meant to have it, I'm badly ill and in a lot of pain, hideously painful boobs and whiteheads all over my face and constant discharge.

I end up either coming off the pill to let it happen or riding it out because I work full time and can't afford to feel this awful. I intend to come off the pill this week after my appointment on Wednesday but I currently feel so awful as my natural period was due 3 weeks ago and my entire body is so painful and I'm so ill from it, I'm just tired of it.

I knew from the start the pill wouldn't stop my periods but to feel this awful, swollen and have so many hormonal outbreaks all over my body can't be good right?

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Personally going on the combined pill constantly made my periods worse I have sore spots all over my chin nose and shoulders due to that 😭


Yeah I've hated every moment of Cerazette, I've had constant infected mouth ulcers and horrible mood swings, and it's made my hair start to fall out. Hoping I get the OK to come off everything at my appointment because my body is clearly not having any of it!

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Oh no that sounds like hell 😢


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