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Is anyone on pill constantly to stop periods?

Hi. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at end of November after a laparoscopy where they exised a lot of it.

I'm going back to see my consultant today for a follow up. When I saw her last she suggested I think about going on the pill constantly to completely stop my periods.

I'm 35 and have had 2 children and family is complete so I'm not worried from that respect. But I hear concerns about women taking the pill after 35, and just wondered if anyone else on here does it and what impact it has had.

No pain? Weight gain? Bp?

I'm a worrier at the best of times but my periods are already exceptionally painful again only 4/5 months after surgery. My consultant said if I don't do something then I'll be back in theatre within 4 years, which I don't really want to do!

Any advice greatly appreciated ladies!

Thanks xx

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Hi hun, sorry to hear your having such a rough time, im 23 and was diagnosed about 18 months ago, ive had 2 laps and going for my next one monday ( fingers crossed thats all for a while). Im taking the pill constantly and have been for about 8 months as when i come off it i am stuck in bed or in hospital, i still get my period every now and again but its not as bad.

No weight gain from my experience and im not sure what its doing to my body as far as reproduction goes but its working for now! Im hoping to get off it after this operation, and hopfully start trying for a family of my own..

i hope everything goes well for you and i hope this helps you a bit..

Take care xx


Thank you for replying - it's reassuring to hear from someone for whom it is working. I'm at the hospital on just over an hour so will see what she says. Thanks again xx



Ive been taking the pill continuously for quite a few years now, occasionally have taken a break for a month or two, but other than that I've been taking them almost daily. I can only take the POP type pill (the one you take without a break) as i am prone to migraines and there are risks with the other type of contraception.

I am currently on my 5th brand, as i just haven't got on well with other ones - mood swings, periods ever 2 weeks, headaches, depression...you name it, I've pretty much had it.

The pill I'm trialling now though seems to be ok, my moods are fine, and although i have had a small period every 2 weeks, I'm just waiting for my body to settle down a little.

I think you definitely need to give it a go, as if it can make them even slightly better, then its worth it :)

Hope it does help though!

Emma xx


Hi Emma thanks for your reply - without wishing to sound thick what is pop? And what are the risks with the other type?

These side affects are what worries me about going on them, but still I guess it's gotta be better than the excruciating pain I was in yesterday and the thought of further surgery in 4-5 years.

I'm definitely coming back as a man in the next life he he!


Ha no its fine, the POP is just a Progesterone only pill.


That should work to show you what its like - it does mention its popular with women over 35, so i guess the other type (the combined pill) is more for younger people?? Either way I've never been on it as my GP said if your prone to migraines then it increases a risk of strokes. (sounds really scary i know, but apparently its the tiniest tiniest risk ever!!).

I know, men have it so easy!!

Hope that helps :)

Emma xx


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