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hysteroscopy, DC , Novasure ablation

Had the above carried out today . Sore at moment but hopefully I get my life back . I have had issues with periods and pain fibroids polips and hopefully this will sort me out . I have a follow up appointment in April just hoping I don't get infection and get back on my feet soon . I wanted to post what I had done incase anyone waiting and worried . Here if you need to chat .

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Hi there

Thanks for this.. im due for the same surgery soon.. havent set up a date yet though because im still taken aback by the news that i have 0.5 polyp in my uterus. :(

Do u happen to have hypothyroid issue? I do. Just asking out of curiosity because i cant tell what have caused my blood clots bleeding/menstruation is it the polyp or poor thyroid function 😔


Hi Mhrmzi , no problem if i can help any woman with her concerns about this procedure its a plesure . My blood test did not pick up that I have a Thyroid issue although I am always tired . I had a polyp removed from womb cant remember the size but i have had polyps in my cervix removed before so I do wonder why they keep coming back . I also had fibroids and my periods are horrendous. I have blood clots the size of my thumb sometimes bigger and the pain and blood loss is unbearable. Apparently polyps can cause painful periods but it's normally fibroids that cause the clots . In answer to your question , if you have hypothyroid this can cause heavy painful periods with blood clots and the polyp wont help. Let me know when you get a date your on your way to getting this situation sorted. My heart goes out to any woman that suffers this type of pain each month . Xx

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I feel you. That monthly pain. I almost always leaked in public its humiliating so i tend not to go out during 2nd- 3rd day of period.

Sorry to know of your ordeal.. oh,the polyps do come back? :( ok at least im mentally and physically prepared.. maybe can try herbal supps that has anti-inflammatory effect to minimize the chances? I have yet to experience the occurrence but thanks for your heads up ill do more reading on how to prevent or lessen the probability of regrowth. There must be a way *cry*

About the hypothyroid, deep down, i know it is sort of the major issue just im in denial and was hoping after polyp surgery it would end but having this forum and someone i can relate to somehow takes off the worry weight that im all alone.

Just reading/ doing research online only help so much but cant beat real conversation with fellow sufferers. Thank you SO much for your kind reply :)


Not a problem I am here anytime you need to talk. I have had that problem when I have been at work and leaked through my things . Polyps can come back for some of us . I have started taking oil of evening primrose as doctor told me it can't hurt me and helps with painful periods . Chin up girl you not alone . X


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