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Zolodex experience? Is it working?

I’ve had 3 injections, noticed with each injection the injection would be more painful each time.. my nurse said this can happen as the More you have . Had some flare ups this month but of back pain and leg but nothing major and a few hot flushes on the odd day

I don’t know how to tell if the injections are shrinking the endo or not?

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Hi it took 5 mths before I felt better on Zoladex. I found by getting the nurse to lift the skin and under my say to pinch the skin hard to cause a controlled pain at the point I could only feel the pain I was in control of, therefore not feeling the needle from the Zoladex implant needle.

Hope that helps . My best J


The injection should be rotated not on the same spot. Let's say you have it done on your right lower abdomen so next month it should be on the left side. Reason is to minimise using the same site it gives time to recover .

The hot flushes are part of the side effect as zoladez suppresses your oestrogen production .

It will shrink in time be patient but it's not a guarantee that it will not come back.


They do then difffent sides each time, straight after my last injection I’m having a laparoscopy to remove the endometriosis



I had zoldaic for three months and suffered badly with hot flushes and it did not help. Now on the waiting list for hysterectomy. Hope it helps you out. Everyone is different. I suffered with back pain etc. XxxJustine

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From November - now I’ve been ok. This month I’ve had pain and back pain and constipation. Another injection due tomorrow it will be 4 out of 6


Hi i had zoladex long time ago in my 20s. Had hot flushes and mood swings and weight gain. After that had IVF which then resulted in lap and colostomy from blocked bowel. Now after 8yrs of provera tablets im awaiting referral re ovarian cysts/possible hyst?? . Reducing oestrogen has its benefits and downfalls. They tell me my ostepenia is due to hormonal treatment so now feel like an old crock already in my 40s - i wonder what ive done to deserve this disease and all its nasty symptoms on top of diabetes i must have been bad in my previous life!! ...good luck with your surgery and hope they get rid of as much as they can.


Before getting my Zoladex, I ask for anaesthetic spray to instantly freeze the area, which allows the injection to occur with minimal discomfort.

If this doesn't work for you - there are creams that you can ask for instead (EMLA or AMETOP), AMETOP needs less time to be effective.

Hope this helps and good luck x


I just had my first of 6 today, definitely found having a good pinch of skin helped and will be rotating sites each month. I’m praying this offers me even the smallest relief from the agony I’ve been in the past few months. I’m just starting on a HRT too. I don’t know about you but I just long to feel ‘normal’ again. Be able to plan things without a 2 hour prep of pain relief before even tackling going to work or meeting friends.

Have you found your symptoms in general are reducing on it? Are you also taking a hormone replacement alongside it? X


Good luck I have no 4 tomorrow out of 6. Started getting pain last month again but not agony just annoying pains in my legs and back.

Same here in such if it all :(

I found my last injection the most painful very sore afterwards had to go to bed after it for a few hours it was really bad after. My first one was breeze


I don’t know about you but I’m starting to get to the point where I’m struggling to differentiate between pain coming and going anyway, but I just want a fix for a little while. Instead of just feeling like twisted up garbage 24/7. Least you’re only two more away from getting a little bit further along.

Has your treatment journey been a smooth one? X


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