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post prostap... can anyone share their experience?

I have been diagnosed with severe endo and after keyhole surgery I was put on 6 months Prostap injections which basically made me go into menopause... I must say the worst part was the hot flashes and headaches... but I had the last injection (6th) 14th of April and now I am really nervous about getting my periods... I have heard it is very painful and heavy... can anyone share their experience with me? thank u

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hi! i was on Zoladex but they never fully put me into menopause, just made me very hormonal instead. though they did stop my daily pain for 6 weeks. i finished my 6 month course about 2 months ago and my pain has returned to daily pain, aching etc. However i did have the morning after pill the other weekend so this could be making this worse (?) my period hasn't been heavy since finishing them but like i said, they didn't stop them all together. i hope that it turns out ok for you! x


I have prostrap injections. Just had my 2nd one and before I had my 2nd one there was like a 3 week window before I had my next and I did start to notice those fmailiar pains returning. I had no bleeding though and thats probably due to having the mirena coil. The only thing I did really notice which may sound bizarre, is that my stomach seemed to change. It became like heavy and bloated which I put down to perhaps I was going to start a period but obviously haven't. Had another prostrap injection a wek ago so hoping it all kicks in soon


thanks, after my first injection I was told I might get my periods and I did... it was one of the worst periods I ever had :( so that freaks me out even more plus I have to get on a plane for 11 hours tomorrow and I am hoping it goes well... I have been researching a lot about this and some say your periods take a while to come in but my doctor says I should get them 30-35 days after my last injection... day 30 and counting... btw I too got the bloating :(

hope all goes well with you


I had my last one 2 months ago prior to that was on cerazette so had no periods for 14 months. I have had 3 surgeries in that time and only minimal bleeding after them. I like you have the pain back and I'm only 6 weeks post op to supposedly make me "pain free". No sign of period but dreading it as been told it is very painful xx


:( there is so many different views that I am getting really confused... my doctor says it really depends on the individual some find their pain reduces and some find it increases... that basically takes me back to square one!!

I hope you don't get loads of pain, and like you I am really dreading it :(


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