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Strangest alternative thing that has eased your pain or fatigue please! Getting desperate

I've given up wheat, alcohol and caffeine and reduced dairy.

I've bought but not tried magnesium supplements. I've got natracare plastic free sanitary pads. I'm having shiatsu massage and trying to lose weight, drink more water and get more sleep. My trusty hot water bottle is often used.

My period and ovulation pain is ruining my (already limited through IBS and anxiety) life and I'm too tired to function as a human.

if anyone has tried something that works in addition to traditional painkillers (I can't take hormones due to DVT) then I would super keen to hear please. Thanks.

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Hi I'm sorry to hear your struggling so much. I'm also struggling with the pain and fatigue. I think just listening to your body and resting when you can is important but easier said than done. I had to have a day off work last week sick as was exhausted and in pain. I has to take cocodmol yesterday as my pain was so bad as I'm unable to take anti inflammatoties. Are you having any treatment for your endo? The gynaecologist did mention zolodex but not keen on this. I'm currently on the mini pill. I do find if I eat healthier my symptoms are not as bad. I wish I had the answers. I hope things improve for you. I have two young chidren and life is a struggle and can't be the Mum I want to be. Sending hugs 🙇 xx

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Take an honest look at your diet and see how much sugar you eat. Look at ways to reduce inflammation in the body, Anti inflammatory diet including ditching sugar, enough sleep, reduce stress (I find daily meditation the best for this), write down things you are grateful for, lots and lots of water, up healthy fats, reduce or ditch grains, get daily sunlight as much as possible. And daily exercise, keep your body moving and blood circulating for an anti inflammatory effect and stronger working immune system xx

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Post operatively Pregabalin has probably helped me most, indirectly through vastly improved sleep quality and reduced stress and anxiety. Both of which reduce the experience of pain.

I find breathing meditation is helpful too.

I found doing a food diary and trying a low Fodmap diet definitely did reduce bloating so there may be something in adopting that at certain times of the month especially if you get IBS style symptoms dietvsdisease.org/diy-low-f...

Ginger and turmeric are anti inflammatory so good to incorporate into your diet.

Even though my endo is gone I'm still battling chronic fatigue and what may be fibro. Pacing seems to be the main recommendation for that.

Also worth having bloods done for thyroid, iron, b12, vit d, magnesium and zinc.

Thinking of you.

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Starry thanks pain and anxiety tend to exacerbate each other dont they? i have a panic attack before going to the loo when on period!

i have a fair amount of ginger tea but might add more turmeric to cooking. am going to try being more low fodmap.

hope your fatigue eases soon :)

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