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Awareness week case studies

"What I wish I had been told..."

We have been busy preparing for Awareness Week which this year runs from the 3rd to the 11th March.

We would love to have some case studies on the following topics

'What I wish I had been told...about getting a diagnosis'

'What I wish I had been told...about surgery/recovery from surgery'

'What I wish I had been told...about finding the right treatment (for me)'

What I wish I had been told...about living with endometriosis'


'What I wish I had been told...about accessing support and information'.

Case studies will be published on our website, social media and used for engaging with national media.

If you would like to submit a case study please click on the link below. The deadline for submissions is Friday the 16th February.


2 Replies

As i wasnt diagnosed until surgery (hysterectomy) and it was a voluntary proceedure done privately cani still tske part in this case study? Its just although i was aware of what the problem with me was and there was a family history...no one gp wanted to help me regarding info as i wasnt diagnosed and when refered to the gynaecologist they didnt want to diagnose just perscrible the pill.


Hi NH88. We are still collecting case studies so please do submit yours. It would be great if you could complete it on one of the topics we mentioned. all case studies need to be submitted by Friday. Thanks


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