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Journalist looking for a case study - fertility


A journalist from Glamour magazine is looking for women who would be interested in featuring in the magazine and speaking about their experience of endometriosis. The journalist is looking for the following in the potential case study:

* Aged 25 - 35 yrs

* Gave birth naturally after being told initially that she would not be able to conceive naturally

* Available for a short phone interview

* Happy for their image to appear in the magazine

If this sounds like you and you would like to share your story, fill out our online media form.

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And as ever they always they want a happy ending.

Yes impatient I agree with you. They never want the real deal as they think it won't sell. BUT in reality they would probably sell more because endo is as common as cancer. Women want to know the truth about their bodies and not the airy fairytale happy ending none of us get because we all suffer for this disease and it is never good ending. X

Initially when I saw this post earlier I thought exactly the same thing as you both - it's not raising awareness if articles always have fairy tales answers.

However on reflection I actually think this sort of article does have its place, this journalist is looking to do an article on fertility - not endo awareness. As an endo sufferer trying to conceive a very much wanted baby it can sometimes be really encouraging and comforting to read stories of other women with endo managing to get pregnant, particularly naturally, it can help give some much needed hope. This type of article is therefore going to relate to existing endo sufferers, particularly those trying to conceive. Yes it's not doing much to paint an honest impression of endo in general or particularly raise endo awareness but it's a different angle - it's definitely a step away from the articles on endo that end with a story of a women having treatment and suddenly being magically cured!


Well, I don't understand why the age cut off is 35. Annoying..

Hi yellowRose, yes it is a stupid age to cut off at. They all think that suddenly age 35 and 1day your fertility declines rapidly. It is a load of rubbish and sooo incorrect. Women (hence to say without disease like us) can conceive well into their late 40's but most probably don't want to because they will have finished their families off. It's just women like us that become infertile because of endo still want children and cannot but these doctors automatically think o it's your age, when it isn't, we have real fertility problems. Also lots of women get fibroids later on in life and this can make them infertile, but again doctors don't see the full picture. X

I think this is stupid, of someone is going to cover something on endo, then why have an age cut off and why go on about infertility?? There's a lot more than just that that goes on. No offence but there's girls a lot younger at 16 getting diagnosed now and having to have kids young, what about older women who are having to go through 11-16 counts of IVF, enough of the positive stories as everyone thinks Endo is a breeze. I think this is exactly kind kins of mindless act that I'd expect from someone without Endo.

How about featuring women who have yet to have children due to endo treatment but trying yet have led fulfilling lives. I've worked abroad as a diving instructor, done teacher training and now work as a teacher, ran my own business plus so much more. I have stage 4 endo. Had major surgery last year yet it's back. I've been told by my surgeon he doesn't know what to do. I've been told to get pregnant, that if my pain gets so bad I can be put back in to false menopause yet again and have IVF. Once I've had kids I basically have to have a full hysterectomy plus half my vagina removed and reconstructive surgery. Yet I have NEVER taken a day off work for endo pain. Only time I've missed work is to perhaps have a scan or other medical procedure. I won't let endo rule my life. I also completed military training a few years back before being diagnosed. I'm 28. It took doctors 13 years to diagnose me. I have been poked and prodded, told I have IBS, cameras stuck everywhere! keyhole surgeries and it has always been missed?I've been told its in my head! everywoman has pain. I was out on the pill at 13 to control pain and bleed as I used to bleed for 10 weeks at a time. I have put up with weight gain,oh I have PCOS too. People say 'oh I know how you feel. I get period pain for a couple of days to.' No you don't know how I feel! You don't know what it's like to have cramps so bad you hit the floor doubled up in tears. Pains down my legs so bad I can hardly stand. My arse and bowels play up. I sit on the loo in tears trying to pee due to the pain. I jump up as I suddenly have a pin stabbing pain like someone shoving a poker up my vagina and I can't sit down. I had 3 nodules up there. Every bloody smear or 'look up there' docs and nurses wld comment what were they. No one knew not even the first gynae I saw! They tried to freeze them off. Trust me freezing endo fing hurts.

I would love to speak out, help others. I'm 28 and I'm getting married in 3 months. Surely I'm inspirational??? Surely I would give younger woman hope?

Glamour stop being so narrow minded. 'Conceived naturally after being told wouldn't' it's not as simple as that! I have been told I can conceive naturally but I may still have to have IVF if the constant agonising pains of endo get too much to bare.

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