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I have suspected endometriosis.

I’m nearly 20 and have literally all symptoms.

I’m really struggling, I’ve just come on my period and I’m rolling around in agony, it’s taking me an age to write this in between crying and nearly throwing up.

I’ve seen a consultant at the hospital but because me and my husband want another baby, they won’t even investigate??

Is this right?

I’m on no medication and I just suffer every month because obviously I’m not pregnant. I’ve tried loads of contraception but it all makes me worse, bleed heavier and for as long as I take it.

I just don’t know what to do, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. And I’m just in agony😭 please help

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Definitely get a second opinion! Go back to your gp and get them to refer to another consultant. Maybe have a look at the list of accredited endometriosis centres in the UK. bsge.org.uk/centre here's the link some are on the NHS.

A good consultant will work with you to find management that will focus on fertility and pain mangement. This really needs investigation.

I really hope you find relief, and find the answers and support you need. Big hugs xx


Thank you so much!

The consultant I saw said they wouldn’t help me fertility wise as I already have 2 children xx


Oww I'm so sorry to hear you're having a rubbish time. My gynaecologist said the same thing to me as my partner and I want babies. Nothing was done until I saw a different one.

What pain killers do you have? I would ring your GP or 111 and report the pain as you should never be in agony like this. Sending you mega virtual hugs, sounds awful. I really hope you feel better soon.

Short term I would call GP and try to get some stronger pain killers but long term I would ask to see a different gynaecologist or ask to be referred to an endo specialist.

Best of luck xxxxxx

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That’s what the ending specialist said to me :( that they wouldn’t see me until I decide not to get pregnant :( thank you so much xxxxxx


Thats disgusting, I really think that is so so wrong to leave an illness untreated. Is there any way you could stop trying for a couple of months? The pill helped my pain for a little while but not ideal when you want to have a family. I really hope you get seen by someone, I think it is so wrong how we are treated. Know you are not alone, fingers crossed you get more comfortable throughout the day?

Im on the sofa on morphine waiting for my period, this illness is just horrible.

Big hugs xxxxx

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I can’t go on any contraception because it makes it worse, I bleed for as long as I take it, really heavy with clots and a lot more painful :( so that’s not even an option xx


Are you the pill or anything? My gynae told me to take my pill back to back for 3 months and then have a period because at least then you only have 4 periods a year instead of 12. Since doing that my periods are so much better. Also like the others have said go back to your gp and ask to see someone else and also try and get some stronger painkillers for now x


I’ve tried all forms basically of contraception, I can’t take them because I bleed too much and for as long as I take it x


Getting rushed into hospital as I’m nearly passing out, freezing cold, feeling like I’m gonna throw up and passing clots the size of a 2p chocolate penny.


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