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Can someone relate and maybe help me please!!

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I’m new to this so I’ll try write the story as short as possible. I’m 30 years old soon to be 31, I have 3 kids and my last baby was born in June 2016. I had a c-section with all 3 but the 3rd time I got sterilised aswell. Every since baby number 3 my periods have been absolutely terrible, really heavy and massive clots and the pain is unreal. I went to gynocologist and on the first visit he started me on a injection to stop my ovaries working and also a tablet to help as it would put me through a fake menopause. But nothing is working this is been 3 months since injections etc started and I still get a period and the pains still the same, I’ve been bleeding now for 2 weeks , it’s not as bad as what it can be but just draining. And I’m agony.. can anyone help me? Don’t see my gynocologist till November but god knows what he will do..

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Hi I’m sorry to hear of you’re issues it’s always bad when things we expect to help amd they , don’t

Ok so what injection are you on?

There is one called the depo (prostrap) is what I’m on I swear by it.. I had severe bleeding and clots couldn’t walk from front door to stairs without flooding I bled for a year nearly full stop and this needle is a life saver had my 4 th one last week (every 3 months)

Ask for that ✅✅✅✅ if that is the one you’re in and still bleeding it can take up to the 3rd injection to work but tbh should stop in the first few weeks ... go to A&E tell them they will check you out and you may also need iron tablets for the blood loss

And go the GP as well and tell them you need something else doing

There are options the coil a hysterectomy and the pill but this injection is great

Good luck with all you try I hope you get sorted try and enjoy you’re kids I know it’s hard and you’re drained and down but there is help out there and I’m here if you need a chat anytime as I’m sure everyone on here is as well take it easy Hun xx

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Yummum30 in reply to Kaiyya

Thanks for the reply I’m on a injection called decapeptyl and also tablets called tibolone. I’m not bleeding as bad but it’s sore :(

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Kaiyya in reply to Yummum30

Hi Hun

Maybe see how you go

And if not getting anywhere maybe try the depo (prostrap) it’s worked for me and loads others stops everything gives you you’re life back actually !

Takes about 3,4 to kick in 100% but initially stops after first week

Take it easy Hun xxx

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Yummum30 in reply to Kaiyya

I don’t want to go on that Mrs cause it really piles the weight on me and I’ve just lost weight lol. Xx

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Kaiyya in reply to Yummum30

Hi I have lost 3 stone since being on the depo think as it’s stopped the bleeding I feel better and I’m eating properly and exercising it’s worth it but everyone’s body is different t x

Hi Yummum30,

You sound like going through a lot of pain and bleeding for 2 weeks isn't normal. Was your gynaecologist from the BGSE endometriosis centre? You have a right for a second opinion so do speak to your GP and ask for a referral to a BGSE centre if you are still suffering.

You can find the nearest BGSE center here:

Hope this helps,


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Yummum30 in reply to Ugne

I phoned my gynocologist and they moved my appointment forward. The bleeding was heavy at first bt this is second week now and it’s not as bad but just the pain xx

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