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Random brown spotting on pill



I'm currently taking Cilest back to back as advised by my gyno to stop my periods until my laparoscopy (finally given the date of 27th March!).

I have been taking Cilest since September, with breaks, and took a month of Provera from December to January.

For the past 2 weeks, I've been back on Cilest and on Friday, I noticed I'd started spotting brown (old blood maybe?) and then yesterday I bled as if it was my heaviest day, lots of pain etc for half a day then nothing in the evening. I'm so confused what is happening now as I'm back to spottting. My stomach is cramping in waves and I have shooting pains down my thighs and lower back.

I need advice as I don't know what's happening and I was hoping not to be back and forth the bathroom as this is my first week of a new job.

Thanks in advance all.

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