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Severe Lower back pain


Hi All, just wondering if anyone else gets really bad lower back pain with endo?

Also, I have to decide by tonight whether to have another Laparoscopy, live on pain killers or have Zoradex. I have decided to go with the operation again. (will be my second).

Anyone suggest anything for asking what else to check when he does the op?

Sooner this pain goes the better! anyone else feel like just hibernating as that seems to be my motto at the minute! xx

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Was already in hibernation. Came out of it yesterday to just catch some air and be with family but soon ran back in my cave due to severe pain. My back hurts so bad also. Don't want to get out of bed right now😢😢😢😢😢 hang in there

I haven't been diagnosed with endo but seeing a gynae soon. I have a dull constant ache in my lower back all month but before and during my period, it gets so bad I can't walk or sleep and heat or painkillers don't work. So I know how you feel xx

Yes I had severe pain for years and was found to have a large deep RV endo at base of POD attaching bowel to vagina also had endo on utero sacral ligaments which can cause back pain.

I been getting back pain on and off for 3 years now and today of all days it started to get stabbing pains so I was actually walking back from shops. It was horrible luckily it went for now but if it continues off back to drs 😔 and I'm disabled and living in chronic pains

Zoladex was wonderful after getting through the menopauseal symptoms but I stayed on too many years, cos they couldnt operate more without losing organs finally it made me ill as it affected organs near the brain. Now I just have pain killers, Codiadrdamonal or morphine patches, I'm trying to keep to a minimum, not get addicted with TENS machine wheatbag, hotwater bottle. Nothing more can be done, aged 60.

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