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Internal stitch unstitched?! What should I do?

Hi! Just had a laparotomy 5 days ago. And last night after returning home, I squatted to go to the toilet (old toilet) and it was all fine up till the end when I FELT the stitch going off. 3 times. Outside looks normal. It could only be inside. The area is still numb so I didn’t feel anything. Has anyone ever experience this and what should I look out for?

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Hi hun . I can only go on my experience with internal stiches . When I had spinal surgery the internal stiches would feel as though they were popping open or like a stretching sensation. I'm not sure if this is what YOU mean. I went to the doctors about it and she said as long as I felt ok and there was not bleeding under skin or new swelling that's it's fine. Obviously every one is different so if you feel something is wrong don't take my word for it maybe call your g.p to talk it over.

Anyway hope you start to feel better soon xxxx


Yes! I felt like I literally pulled something apart. 3 of it. I tried calling the nurse but she wasn’t helpful and my doctor is out. I will try to call again tmrw but feel like I’m kinda bothering him with this..

yeah I kinda figured that I should at least monitor the site more now.

And now I’m having this weird like liquid flowing internally on the other end kinda feeling. Weird :/

But thank you Amyjane!! At least it could either be worse or nothing!


Hope it settles down. Take it easy xxx

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