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Lap today

Hi guys! I had my diagnostic lap today. It could not have gone any better. I arrived at 7.50am and was taken straight away. By 9am i was under and awake at 10.30am. They found endo & adhesions and scar tissue. Not entirely sure what that means. She treated it all except a small bit of endo beside my kidney tubes as too close to treat. I have the shoulder pain that u all talk of and have taken peppermint oil capsules. I feel remarkably well considering. i have 2 incisions. one at belly button and one along from it. i have stomach pain but its manageable... lets face it im used to it lol. Oh one last thing. She has inserted mirena coil. I have not slept yet but i will soon. Also i have passed urine about 12/13 times. cant think of anything else. Hope you are all well xx

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Glad you got on OK. Hope you get some sleep take it easy . I have mine on the 8th xxx


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