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Hi everyone,

I have been diagnose with endometriosis since last year and has had a laparoscopy done in sept 2017,as i was trying to get pregnant and i was unable,but unfortunately during the surgery they found out is has affect my bowel and my tube was sluggish and basically kissing ovaries,they managed to remove some but couldn t do anymore as they were worried that they will damage my bowel as they did not know that is was that bad.she has now refer me to an endometriosis centre and a specialist consultant in endometriosis,i had an mri done and discuss the plan,so am due to have another surgery soon,but am quite worried as received a letter today to be seen by a stoma nurse prior to surgery it will be a aparoscopy or cystoscopy i think,any ideas please.And currently on zoladex since last September until now

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Hi, sorry to hear you’re having such a rubbish time off it! I don’t know the answer to this, but if it was me I’d be inclined to call the doctor who referred you and ask them...especially if you’re really worried. Wishing you all the best x


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