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Is it normal to really struggle to have a wee first thing in the mornin. In a lot if pain first thing and through out the day. my left ovarie feels like someone is twisting it and I struggle to wee I have that pain like I badly need to go but then when I do my bladder feels swollen and tender. its only when I take pain killers and the pain eases that it passes and I can go. had a internal ultra sound and was told I have large chocolate cysts on my ovaries as I am matted with endometriosis. already had cysts removed and a fallopian tube now keep getting this pain. also around my bank know too my gyno reckons there nothing to worry about and said to just see my doctor. should u ask for a second opinion

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I would definitely go back to your gp and for a second opinion if you can.

That sounds awful, I'm sorry you are in so much pain!

Thank u yes I will go back half expected the gyno to have me in but hey Ho where all just a number and have to be dying before we get noticed in this day n age x

You need to see an endometriosis specialist. What you need is excision surgery, it removes endo roots deep and wide.



I have the same problem, I have a blood clot on my left ovary, and a 1 1/2" shadow/mass indented into my bladder.

I feel like I have cystitis all the time and that someone's going at me with razors inside me.

Your best option is to go to your GP tell them your pain, you can't go on like this anymore and so on, they should then realise how much pain your in and do something for you. I had a camera up my bladder and they took biopsy's from me, so maybe mention that you want another procedure done, if you do ask to be put to sleep! Trust me, you'll want to!

Hope this helps & hope you feel better soon!


Hello, you have a UTI by the sounds of it, I have the same at the moment. You need anti biotics, see your GP ASAP. Good luck

Broderskim39 in reply to Danni44

I don't have a uti. ...This pain is in my right ovarie and groin it doesn't hurt when I wee just wen I do I feel all swollen inside like my bladder is swollen too that's why wen I try wee u can't but it doesn't hurt when I Fi ally do. am thinking kidney stones will have to make a appointment with my doctor but never get a same day appointment with them and always get someone other then my own doctor who wud understand x

Oh sorry I thought you said it was stinging, it's so frustrating when you can't see your own doctor and have to go through everything over and over again isn't it. I saw my consultant this week and he said that bladder issues are very common with endo as im sure you already know. Can't recall what you said about your history? Do you have a consultant that has checked your bladder? Have you got one you can be referred back to? Mine looked fine but I have issues passing as well which are all related and worsened by my hormones. Also stops my bowels working when I am having my period. Hope you get to see someone that can support and advise you X

Broderskim39 in reply to Danni44

Oh no poor you nothing worse is it.... I got diagnosed with endometriosis early this year had a fallopian tube removed and a lot of cyts too matted with endometriosis and now after having a internal ultra sound I now have more cyts on and around my ovaries. The nurse that did the scan said they are large chocolate ones and my ovaries are very close together and swollen but they don't seem concerned and told me to contact my gp. I am in more pain now with my periods then ever my gp is never in the surgery so am gonna have to tell my life story to a stranger again. my back pain is a different issue but that really does stop me from doing daily activities if I don't take my pain killers. am only 39 and I feel 69 lol x

Similar to you, officially diagnosed this year and lap and cysts removed few months ago. I'm 35 and feel that same! Rubbish isn't it! You have the right to choose your GP now don't you, perhaps ask around and change surgery? My last gp specialised in gynea and was a god send but he sadly died and I have a new one with little understanding or time so am currently trying to find another with more expertise in the area. Worth asking around perhaps? X

Broderskim39 in reply to Danni44

I think I will change my doctor got a three week waiting list with mine and I only need advice x

Yes I think so, good luck. Have a look on the CQC website as its shows if any local gPs have specialties etc and gives feedback on the surgery

Broderskim39 in reply to Danni44

Thanks Danni will do that now x

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