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Hello there,

I have just recently found out that I have stage 4 endometriosis. All I know is my bowel is completely connected to my womb. Last week my gynecologist put me on prostrap injection, But today I started bleeding is this normal. I rung my gynecologist and they said it was normal, they said I was just starting to go through menopause. I'm hating it already, I thought we wasn't supposed to bleed whilst on this injection. :)

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I had one light bleed when I had the first injection and then nothing afterwards. X

Sam38 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Jane, but it's also given me water retention in my legs, and 2 days after injection I come out in a rash on my face. I really don't like this injection. If you don't mind me asking how did they did rid of your endometriosis. I've been told it might be hysterectomy and bowel removal. I'm proper bricking it. Xx

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I've had two laparoscopic surgeries and I now have Mirena. But I'm still in quite a bad way, bleeding every day and uncomfortable. The injections worked really well for me while I was on them. I'm sorry to hear they are causing you problems :( x

Sam38 in reply to Hidden

I'm allergic to the merina coil and the implant. I've been sterilised two years ago. That's when my lady problems started. It's nice to have somebody to talk to that's got the same problem. X

I got told that you could blead depending on when you had your last period and then the injection . Also when I went for my 2nd injections Tuesday the nurse said it can take until the 3rd injection for ladies to have any relief.

I feel lucky as after 12 days I have had very minimal pain and only a few heated moments (wouldnt say I've been sweating)

I think this is a great trial to see if a full hysterectomy is right for me after years of pain, upset and operations... hopefully this is the answer

Good luck ladies xx

Sam38 in reply to KayEC

Hello kauEC,

Thank you for your help. But my gynecologist has told me it could be a full hysterectomy and bowel removal. As the endometriosis has got hold of my bowel and it's pulling my bowel up. Thank you for your info, I appreciate it. X

Shellybelly5 in reply to Sam38

I had the same thing. I had partial removal of my lower bowel as it was attached to my ovary and womb and even going into the intestinal wall. Have an intestinal surgeon on hand for the op. My intestines now spasm leaving me with painful diarrhea 3 or 4 times a week on top of the other endless pain.

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Medical menopause injections won't tell you whether hysterectomy will help, if you keep you ovaries after a hysterectomy you won't be in menopause and could continue to have problems. X

Hello lindle,

Yes I'm been treated at general gynecology at the moment. X

Hello lindle,

They are thinking about sending me to a specialist. But it takes them ages to think about it.

but the specialist there thinking of is based in hull. I'm in Huddersfield, I don't drive they must think we can fly everywhere. :)

I haven't had the choice. I got told there's only one specialist and he's based in hull royal infirmary. But I'm dreading if/when the appointment comes through. I've got stage 4 the whole of my bowel is connected. My gynecologist said it might be full hysterectomy and bowel removal. :)

Okie dokie. :)


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