Hi there everyone! I had my first lap surgery only 6 days ago which confirmed endometriosis. It's on my left ovary, front and back of my womb and pelvic area :( so many questions and concerns... won't be seeing my consultant for 3 months! Any advice would be greatly appreciated x

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What would you like to know about it I've had two laparoscopys and had stage 4 endometriosis for 13years nearly.

Thank you for your reply. Sorry to hear that you've been suffering with this for along time. How do you manage your symptoms? Xx

I've done lots of things to manage my symptoms over the years different painkillers, sitting on a toilet hot pads and baths, mefanamic acid, depot injections, swimming helped at one point, combined pill, marina coil, provera tablets, however they all only lasted for short periods of time like my body became immune to it after so long which seems to be the problem with endo, and no two people are the same other than the pain we experience is similar and described the same, what works for one doesn't always work for another, I found drinking to much caffeine or that one extra glass of wine and I'd be in agony so I limit myself now if I go out which is very rare that I have no more than 3 alcoholic drinks and I try to have a soft drink in between and two cups of coffee a day as any more than that and I'm in bed for days. Exercise I'm restricted to now as I also have pelvic congestion syndrome so doing to much causes pain from that also. It's all a case of trial and error and finding things that help you to manage your endometriosis, start playing about with your diet and see if any food or drinks irritate it and same with certain exercises like I say swimming is best for me because of my other condition so the water supports my stomach. Good luck 😁

Hello, how do you find out what stage you are at? I've had my lap but I feel like they didn't give me a lot of info, only that my endo is inbetween my womb and my bowels

Im assuming we will get that info when we see the consultant for a check up x

They didn't ask me to come back for a check up 😢

You could contact them to ask for s follow up appointment x

Hi Widge my consultant told me what stage mine is there's a rough guideline of stages also on the NHS website I think a lot of gynaecologists don't tell you though because of how endometriosis changes in people. Emma x


I was also diagnosed last week so know exactly how you feel.

If you want a chat im just a message away!

Take care + hope your recovery is speedy xxxx

Hey! Sorry to hear you've also been given the news. Thank you for your reply :)

I was told I had it on my left ovary and the front and back of my womb. The consultant removed what he could but one of my tubes may also be damaged. I'm waiting to have a dye scan eventually.

What symptoms to do you have and how do you deal with it?

My main concern is that I'm 36 and I already have a damaged cervix from leetz treatment and 2 miscarriages.

I'd still like to have a baby but know it could be difficult. XX

Don't give up hope of having children ok I've only had the endo to deal with but it took me and my husband 5years to have the youngest I still say to this day it was both laparoscopys that helped me to conceive my children without that surgery I don't think I'd of ever conceived good luck I hope you get the chance to be a mom x

Thank you so much xx

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