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I need advice

Hello, I have just undergone a laparoscopic surgery to diagnose and scrape the endometriosis. This was in November. It’s the end of January now and I am in chronic everyday pain. My OBGYN will not help me I call her regularly telling her I am in pain but she tells me to go to the ER. I go to the ER on a weekly basis. The ER is now refusing to help me because I have to go in there to just get relief to even fall asleep. My OBGYN sent me to a pain management specialist who will not help me with my pain because it is not in my back. They put my on anti depressants that are supposed to help with my pain but they make me have horrible thoughts and do no help with my pain. I can barely get out of bed. I am about to loose my job, and my insurance. I feel like no doctor will actually listen to me and help me with my pain. I just don’t know what to do. Can someone please just give me some advice on what I can to to just live my life. I am 24 years old and I can barley leave my bed to even go to the bathroom. I am scared to eat because I know I will have to poop and I cry every time I make a bowel movement. Please can some just give me some advice. Thank you!

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I know what you're going through, running around in circles feeling helpless. I can't tell you it will get better over night. But I can advise all natural remedies and mindfulness exercises. I know it sounds crazy and I didn't think it was helpful when I first got told about them. But quitting meat was a massive thing for my health, nearly all symptoms subsided. Are you in a position to get hold of somebody higher up with concerns that they did something wrong because you're in agony this far post op?


I am so sorry you have been left in this situation. Xxxx

By scraping do you mean ablation or coagulation? If so its possible it left endo behind below the surface. It sounds like you were treated by a general gynae when really you needed a proper endo specialist with more advanced excision skills.

In the UK we have bsge special centres but I am guessing you are in the states. If so i would go find a recommendation of a proper specialist with advanced excision skills and experience, maybe in US Facebook endo support groups, then check his or her credentials and endo experience very very carefully and get a second opinion on your treatment.

The American association has advice on finding a specialist



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