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Finally got my "lap report" back after 2 months of them not bothering to send it to me. It's literally a line saying everything was "completely normal" when I've been told from scans that my womb is tilted and slightly large. Surely he would have indicated that if they'd seen it or was the gynaeo just making it up? I refuse to believe there's nothing wrong but have no idea where to go next :/

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I got mine through last week taken since july?? It says same one paragraph “ completely normal although pics are alittle hazy”!!! Ummm ok so there could have been something?

Its so annoying!

Im so annoyed....

Went to dr showed her letter she said “Well uve had a ct, a lap, a colonoscopy what more do u want?”.

Well seeing as it says it was all hazy mayb another check

Or a mri!!

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This was the official dictated letter which fumes me even more! Seeing my regular gynaeo in Feb so holding out til then!


I'm sorry you're feeling upset and not any clearer on what is what .

I'm not medical but I thought an enlarged uterus was associated with adenomyosis. It is similar to endometriosis but the cells go inside your uterus lining instead. It also provides the same symptoms as endometriosis. As far as I know it cannot be detected via laparoscopy.

If I was you I'd be asking for further investigations such a hysteroscopy to have a closer look inside your uterus.

Good luck xoxo


I thought that too but I'm thinking the gynaeo will just say well the surgeon said it was fine and I'm reluctant to start pushing for doctors appointments again because of my.job!


Well it is good to hope for the best... However this is super fishy. If the scans showed that there is something... Why would the lap result say this? Like which one is more definitive? I am sorry for my lack of knowledge... English is my secondary knowledge.

Anyhow what you should do is get checked once again. Try going at a private clinic or something. Sometimes paying twice the price is worth it. Maybe they will give you a real answer. This is not something that you can toy with. I am sorry to hear that you are in such position dear. Hope things take a turn for better pretty soon. God bless you!

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Hi, that sounds like an unhelpful report. I wonder if it means everything was within normal range? Many of us have a tilted uterus (me too) and it isn’t a sign of disease, just one way in which we are different. Likewise I guess each of us has a slightly different sized uterus but the difference might not be clinically significant.

I realise this doesn’t help you in your quest to find out what’s up. Good that you have a gynae appointment coming up to discuss what next.


The tilted womb is normal it not a biggy Apparently?? ive known ive got a severe tilted womb since had first smear test and it never made any difference to me.

Also a gynae told me when i was 19 it was severely tilted and he said over 60% women have tilted uterus/womb and it not a abnormality. Just telling u so u dont worry about that.

As for the completely normal one line letter im afraid that what i got to


Yep! Mine said “all normal” and then went to list of other things he checked which I think is bs because I didn’t have enough incisions (he said there’d be up to 3 incisions depending on how much he checked and I only had 2, so that’s already strange!) and I wasn’t under for long enough I don’t think, but I’ve been told I have a slightly larger and tilted uterus and he came back and said it was all normal without expanding any further when I asked him! It’s just so unhelpful 😓😓

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