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Endo & exercise


For the last couple of months i've started doing a lot more exercise. I am currently doing 4 classes a week ( inc hiitfit, metafit, wod, boot camp plus a pt when finances permit). I also go to yoga once a week.

I really enjoy the exercise and although i am not losing weight (need to sort diet) I am so much fitter and happier.

The reason for my post is that tonight I had to pull out of bootcamp due to bad cramps (like period pain and a heavy pulling down feeling down below).

I am not due on my period for about two weeks.

Any ideas? xox

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It sounds like ovulation maybe you have an egg that hasn't released properly if it doesn't improve on it's own go back to your gp for referal. Xx

Take care yazza. X


Do you think? I hadn't thought of that. I rarely ovulate due to pcos and endo.

I am currently awaiting a gyny app for the results from my recent mri.

It felt kind of like something had dropped inside. (If that makes sense).

Thank you for your advice xox


Hi, I had my lap in early March, and if I overdo it at work I get the same sensation, kinda a mix between the after effects of someone punching u in the stomach and a tugging/dragging sensation. Sometime it lasts afew seconds, sometimes upto 10 minutes. Can't help though as I'm still waiting for my referral appointment to ask him/her about it! Xxx


Yes I do as I've also had these sensations and after keeping a diary of cycles and different pains throughout the month it corresponds to ovulation.

If you google menustration it will show pics of the months menstural cycle and the peaks of hormones and the size of the ovary at different times of the month and just before ovulation it is at it's biggest like an inflated balloon before it realeases an egg take a look and you'll understand what I mean.

Good luck yazza. X


Hi Im afraid i dont have the answer but i get this sometimes when i go to the gym or my recent powerhoop class. I get spotting too. My GP wasnt worried. Im on progesterone only pill and bleeding is a little bit all over the place anyway. Hope someone can help you


Thank you all for your replies. It is reassuring to hear others have the same. I shall look on google. I am going to make an appointment with my gp also as he wanted to look into why I am ill so often.

Love and hugs to all xox


I had to give up Hiit, metafit etc as it developed that the bouncing around gave me major pain later on. I get the heavy, full dragging feeling a lot. I am down to swimming, cross trainer and bike. Don't know of any way to solve the heavy dragging feeling.


Hi I'm a yoga teacher and do similar trainings to what you've listed, and kickboxing. However I never do any weights/ hard cardio the week leading up to period or whilst I'm on. So I can miss about 7-10 days trainings but instead ill do Yin yoga ( look up yinyoga.com Bernie Clarke taught me to teach yin - it's a great sight) or do no training.

Max I will do is 3 times per week for 45 mins each time, and I'm working 100% in it. Weights /WOD regularly to me - for us Endo fighters - can create to much strain in the womb - although it's good to have strong abs / fit body at the same same they must also be trained-to-be-allowed to relax. So careful your not overtraining - I used to and as soon as I lowered it, I noticed huge results, and I wasn't as hyper.

Try taking l-glutamine powder veggie version, by lamberts - amazon sell it. With it you'll notice muscle tone improve, it's amino acid so a building block for protein. Take Sunwarrior protein blend too vanilla / choc if you can. The l-glutamine will also help you heal the gut too so you absorb vitamins better.and thwarts DOMS.

Finally make sure your breathing correctly, when ever your training or just in daily life - waiting in a que at traffics etc.. inhale belly big - exhale belly flat. Don't force - go slow & gentle with it. See how a baby breatges - that's how you want to. Look at kegal excersises but do them gentle - your squat/weight training will help this anyways but if you haven't already Google it - for pelvic floor excersises. But again don't over train do little and oftern ( work 25-50%) in pelvic floor and build up so its sustainable.

Keep on going with it and I hope you can return to training when your better. dont be put off by what I'm saying - I'm sitting here cheering you on! But just adapt and accepting it's ok to rest did me wonders x wish you well x


Hi Lotsi,

Could be ovulation or could just be your body telling you to slow down a bit. Have you gone from doing nothing/very little in the way of exercise to all the classes you mention? If so, it's great that you're increasing your fitness levels, but the experts all recommend that you start off small and build up. I made the same mistake a few weeks ago (went on a 6 mile walk after a winter spent doing very little because of the endo pain) and although I felt great on the day, for two days afterwards I could barely walk! The pain in my right side, hip and leg (usual locations of endo pain for me) was excruciating; even sitting down was a real problem.

My advice would be to keep an eye on things, listen to your body (if it hurts, don't be afraid to sit down or skip a class) but if things get any worse go see your doctor/consultant.

L x



Thank you for your post.

I have been exercising like this for about 12 weeks. (apart from illness).

I have not had the pain (apart from DOMS!) before last week, so quite disappointed. I am now having some time off exercise until after my period (due this weekend). I have also developed a virus today! My daughter is poorly too.



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