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Just a moan

Hi ladies I know we all talk about the physical side of things with endo I just wanted to have a little moan about the emotional side of things.

Literally feel like my life is falling a part, feel ugly, nothing is going right, il be alone forever, can't be bothered for anything or talk to anyone or do anything. Just want to lock myself in my room and escape. I could go on but don't want to be depressing 😂 just one of those days!

Hope everyone else is having a good day and not feeling this side of things 🙄 x

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I relate and empathise so much. Are you under the care of a counselor at all. I have found mine an excellent space to vent my negative thoughts (poor woman)

I seem to have a cycle of deep deep dips where I'm so low I can hardly get myself out of bed thinking it's pointless and I'll never have a normal life again, to better phases when I rally and try to be more positive.

ATM I'm trying to park my rtw angst and focus on eating well and doing one nice thing a day just for me. Yesterday it was reviewing some snowdrop photos. Today I managed a few essential errands I'd been putting off. Tomorrow I have a trial swim booked to see if I'm well enough to do a little more exercise. Usually even on my Worst days I almost always feel better after i have walked my faithful dog.


No I was thinking about going to see someone but I actually just try talking to myself I know that sounds weird but I just get to myself and just ride it out and wait till it's over.

Yes I'm exactly like that too and the times I'm good I try and get everything done and cram everything in.

That is a good idea trying to do something different each day, I'm trying to get myself into the gym more and going the classes which does help a little. When it's days like this I just sit in bed all day and just shut myself off until I return back to normal

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Hi, I can also relate to this, I sometimes have days where I feel fine and others where I feel down and helpless. I was diagnosed with endo about 7 years ago.

I have just started acupuncture, the lady who does it is also a life coach so she is really good at listening and empathising with my situation. I really didn’t think it would, but it really picks me up when I’m struggling. It could be worth looking into something like that.

Hope you’re feeling better today xx


Hi it's just horrible and you can't even control the days you feel down it's like no matter what you do nothing helps!

That's great il look into that never thought that could be an option. I think it's just accepting things as well and just getting on with it!

Just about to make some tea and get into bed again. Hope your having a good day xx

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Hi, I can relate to this too... I often have moments where I feel really low and anxious about the future and beat myself up for not having managed to do things. If you can I would recommend trying to talk to someone, because often it’s how we think about things that makes things ten times worse. And definitely vent on here seems like everyone is really supportive. When you shut yourself off it probably just gives you even longer to think about all the stuff you’re going through, so doing what u can probably really helps.

Hope you feel a bit better soon x

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I feel your pain! We all get days like that. You truly aren’t alone. Not many people know how debilitating it can be. Sick of people thinking it’s just period pain and saying all women get it....wish it was that simple! It is nice to be part of this forum to have people to relate to as sometimes I swear some people thing I’m exaggerating with how bad it is x

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