Update, Doctors, and a moan

Update, Doctors, and a moan

Well, a couple of days ago I was in a bad way with my back. Turns out it was just a new build up to my period! In absolute agony this evening and I'm exhausted. Going the doctors tomorrow since the pills I requested haven't been sent to the chemist...jokes honestly! It'll be the first time I've seen him since I had to go to the hospital after he told me it was all in my head...I'd developed gerd and acid reflux I was hysterical by the time I decided to go the hospital. I don't really know what I want to say to him, its a waste of my time and his he's a bit of a p%;@k! I'm the size of a single decker bus tonight I'm dreading laying down how do you get comfortable when you feel like somebody stuck a bicycle pump into my belly button and blew me up :( I've got a can't miss appt on Tuesday to see a psychologist this is the 2nd I've had :/ her receptionist was very snooty when I rearranged the last time. The weather is lovely too so bye-bye jacket :'( I swear the first person to rub my tummy and say awwww how long have you got left will get a slap...I'm not kidding like a full swing! I'll probably put my back out doing it hahaha

The pic I added, nope the camera and I am straight my left side is always bigger and I appear to be leaning :(

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  • Hey so sorry you're going through all this, I know it's exhausting. I've had similar symptoms; the upper gi issues are probably Endo related. I would start keeping a daily symptoms diary either in excel or just in a book - you can either have columns where you tick the symptoms with an additional column for notes or just write like a diary listing pain level, whether you're bleeding/how heavy etc., bowel symptoms etc etc.

    I was in pretty much the same state; gynae consultant said upper left stomach 'wasn't his area' so I spent 2 years having gastro investigation. Whenever I took things into my own hands and tracked symptoms I highlighted in pink any day I was bleeding and in green any day I had upper gi pain - realised it only occurred when I was bleeding - so gastro thankfully discharged me and I avoided having my gall bladder unnecessarily removed.

    Worth a shot, good luck with appointments x

  • This is great advice!

  • Hiyaaa I've got notebooks full of diet, pain, excersise, periods, indigestion, reflux, ovulation, bowel movements, everything you can imagine its there in the notes, there doesn't seem to be a pattern I have upper GI pain/problems almost continuously I'm struggling with constipation more than anything else that's probably why I get bigger and bigger towards the end of the cycle, usually I go the loo the day before I bleed but not this time its all just sat rotting in my colon/bowel/intestines. I've got a colonoscopy at the end of the month too. My letter doesn't say to do anything to prepare but I read online there's a few bits I can do to help get clean images etc so I'm gonna phone and explain my situation and see what they say xx

  • You could maybe try putting the info into a graph - that's how I saw there was a pattern with using colour and what not.

    For colonoscopy you will need bowel prep they should arrange to have you collect it a few days before and then just take at home prior to the procedure. Good to get checked out - mine showed pathology similar to crohns, however they didn't go ahead and diagnose as had been advised by gynae to take too many NSAIDs -wrecked my guts and was on steroids for six months - in fairness I felt fab on them! See if your doc can put you up to 300mg ranitidine and try either omeprazole or esomeprazole up to 40mg - this really helped me eat a bit better but didn't totally calm things. 

    Hope things work out pet X 

    P.s. if constipation really bad and daily lactulose not working buy dulcolax just to give you some relief. Also I find melon fruit packs (the big ones from tesco) good for sorting out tummy

  • Hi on the constipation I have struggled all my life and when I took amitriptyline it made it soooo bad I had to come of it... I take laxado sachets which really help and I don't get any side effects... I hope your feeling a bit better soon Xx

  • Got an appointment at 4.30 with the doctor...I've started to make a list of the things I want to talk about no doubt I won't remember most of them while I'm sat there in front of him :/ 

    GERD and Acid Reflux - this is my main priority I have ZERO understanding of the condition or the treatments and since he refused to give Omeprazole when I requested them I'm assuming he wants to assess my situation, this is the first time I'll have seen him since he so rudely told me it was fictional.

    Amatriptyline - I need increasing it's not touching the nerve pain now but it did work wonders when I first got them. They've given me a sleeping pattern too I had so much insomnia I was literally going 3 weeks on 10 hours sleep.

    Constipation and Diarrhea (this word is horrible and SO difficult to spell) - I have no in between it's one extreme or the other. 

    Colonoscopy and prep required - I'm assuming he's had letters that haven't been sent to me in regards to this and the GERD diagnosis.

    All in all I'm not expecting any major changes or new medication he really isn't that good of a doctor, I doubt he'll even listen before telling me I'm a drama queen...and he can take a running jump if he thinks I'm letting him poke and prod me I'm in no mood for any of his nonsense today xx

  • Hi Kelly, good luck sweetie. Stick to your guns and don't back down. If you get nowhere try a different GP. You deserve better.

  • Just got back, seen a different doctor today, some old bullcrap though. Upped my Amatriptyline to 20mg, she said NO MORE IBUPROFEN I smiled sweetly and said what other anti-inflamataries can you suggest and she didn't answer...not exactly sure why I need to wait another month to make an appointment for an Endoscopy but she said go back in a month to make the appointment. In regards to the Colonoscopy she said phone the hospital find out about prep and she'll do me a prescription if I need it. Again she still didn't offer any information when I asked about GERD and Acid Reflux or specifically about Ranitidine even when i asked directly, so I still don't know when I'm supposed to take it...GAHHH I'm so frustrated right now!

  • Oh Hun why are GP's a complete waste of space. We shouldn't have to tell them how to do their job. Wish there was something I could do to help. 

  • Soz liked by accident, def dislike you getting hassle! 

    I would book for another gp, if you can find one who is relatively new to the practice, I find they're generally more eager to please.

    1. I completely agree re. Little or no NSAIDs - they will be causing a big part of the gi problem for you and are so dangerous. For me paracetamol/tramadol worked in conjunction to codeine when I really needed it up to max dose in all cases. None of them will give you the instant hit you feel with anti-inflammatories, however neither will they be causing you any pain through overuse as NSAIDs most likely are.

    2. It is generally not an awesome idea to have colonoscopy and endoscopy close together, unless you are say critical. I had both on the same day privately and I was in awful shape after.

    3. Re. Ranitidine if you've already been prescribed if it's once a day it's def at night! Help you sleep better. If not prescribed say that you need something to deal with the reflux and go from there.

    Hope that helps xx

  • I'm not too bad at the moment with pain relief, the codeine and Paracetamol mix are working for the most part but soon enough they'll stop just like everything else :( I wouldn't have been having them both this month if she'd have booked it today (I don't think, I may be wrong) I'll still be waiting a good 3 weeks for an appointment and then 6 or so weeks after that (about average waiting time for Liverpool) I wasn't prescribed Ranitidine or Omeprazole because it was just a Nurse at the walk-in, I rang the Dr the day after for a prescription for Omeprazole (they asked no questions just gave me them, I assumed the Walk-in had contacted them) and I've been buying Ranitidine from the shop, the box says take 2 a day for 4 days and then stop and see the doctor, I've not been brave enough to do 4 days back to back I've literally just been taking one pill before bed if I've got pain. I have no idea what I'm doing I'm just muddling my way through. I said exactly this to her and asked what she recommended and she just stared at me and changed the subject, I'm not even sure if 20mg of Omeprazole is enough and the Ranitidine is 75mg. I don't mind not having Ibuprofen I went a longtime without them this year about 13th Jan until about 2 weeks ago and I've only taken 2 400mg each since then I can definitely confirm Ibuprofen is detrimental to us Endo girls my bloat was increased by twice as much just taking one of them continued use is not advised xx

  • The man Dr I've been seeing is the Locum, the one I seen today is the only woman at my surgery, she's new and I'm not fussy if I'm honest her bedside manner is..off she's abrupt and she doesn't speak much, I don't like that I prefer somebody who's friendly and chatty it puts me at ease if I can pretend this person is my friend xx

  • Would they not try you with even 50mg tramadol? I used to call codeine co-coma-mol as made me so sleepy! Also awful constipation!!

    Maybe she's following some protocol to wait for results of colonoscopy to come back first before referring you for endoscopy. Doncha just love nhs protocol!!

    Can you get a repeat prescription for the omeprazole? I'd just say to your doc you used chemist bought ranitidine on the advice of a pharmacist and found it to be more effective than omeprazole alone. 

    Phew! Glad to hear that you're not popping the NSAIDs like smarties. I was really shocked when I realised gynae drug advice had essentially made me even more ill!

  • Well today has been horrendous! I'm exhausted! 

    Went in to town to see this psychologist got DRENCHED on the way home :( I'm so glad I made the effort and went, it felt good to unburden all of my troubles to a person who has NO choice but to listen coz SHE wanted to see ME hahaha 

    I was drugged up to the eye balls it was the only way I was gonna do this whole palava.

    Right now I am physically, mentally, emotionally wrung out I'm exhausted and my ribs feel like they might fall out but I'm home now, in bed, wearing PJs, watching Corrie and I'm done! My poor old knees are massive and my back is KILLING me.

    All I need now is my man-slave to make my hot water bottle lol he's been fab today I couldn't have made it alone I woke up feeling like a train had run me over xx

  • Oh bless you Hun. Try and get some sleep.

  • Feel better, at least you made it to appointment so that is one thing out of the way! X

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