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Feeling down in the dumps - Mirena coil & tooth problems

So I had the Mirena fitted during my 2nd lap which was in November to remove stage 4 endo, and for the past 6 weeks I have been bleeding constantly (not 1 day break) - it's more than spotting and I need to change tampons/pads like I would with a normal period. I'm taking iron tablets and extra supplements as I am just worn out from it physically & mentally. Has anyone else had similar? My consultant said you need to be patient with the mirena and give it 3-6 months to settle but this is testing me now...

To top it off I had a routine dental check-up today during which I was told my gums are in a very bad state and I need treatment every 3 months for them. When I mentioned endometriosis (she'd asked me if I'd had any recent ops) she mentioned that it was very likely the two are linked due to hormones being all over the place. I had no idea this was yet another evil symptom of endo.

On top of that, my mum is worried about my symptoms and general fertility, and keeps suggesting I start a family sooner rather than later (I'm 28, 29 next week). The anxiety plays on my mind too and if it was up to me I would, but I'm not sure my other half is totally ready (though he's totally understanding of my situation).

Sorry for the long ramble, just feeling really fed up and any words of wisdom would be much appreciated! x

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