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Stress related flare up

I have been awake most of the night in severe pain and wondered if anyone else has experienced bad flare ups as a direct result of stress. I am going through a very stressful period at work and have been in constant pain for almost a week. The pain started last week just before my period but worsened since I received some distressing news at work (my job is currently under threat of redundancy).

I have had a lot of time off work due to pain and feel this may be putting me in a more vulnerable position at work.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm not sure I can give any advice as such but thought I'd let you know that yes endo can definitely be linked to stress. The busier and harder I work the worse my symptoms seem to get regardless of diet, sleep, time of cycle etc. I think it is the biggest factor for me in how bad I feel. I think you will need to try and be as open with your job as you can as it will hopefully help your employers be more understanding and perhaps reduce your worry somewhat - though I realise you're in a really uncomfortable situation at work at the moment. If you haven't been referred to occupational health I would try and make this happen as they are supposed to be impartial and hopefully support you at work. For example my occ health doctor wrote a really vague letter to my work (to avoid me having to go into all the symptoms with them) saying that I have an undiagnosed condition and I will need time off sometimes basically. This reassured me a bit. Also if you have any unions attached to your kind of job I would definitely seek their support as soon as you can as your illness should not have a bearing on whether or not you are made redundant. Good luck xxx


Thanks so much. I have already been referred to occupational health but this was before the consultation period. It’s good to know I’m not imagining the pain is getting worse. Had a really bad day today and not much better tonight. Just feel so drained by the pain and the stress.

Thanks again xx

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