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I don’t know if this is endo related

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I suffer with lower back pain constantly it’s a dull ache however if I’m walking for a long time or playing golf or on my period (this is the worse). The back pain goes so severe I want to cry and it goes into my thighs.

I haven’t be diagnosed and seeing a gynae next week but was wondering if endo could be causing this or I just have something else going on

I have also been constipated for like a week (sorry tmi) and then today I had cramp after movement and nausea. This gets worse a week before my period and during

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Another girl just posted something similar.. I have your symptoms too.. have been told it was endo for years but not much can be done. My osteopath says I have piriformis syndrome also and is treating that...who fucking knows..

Ive contast mri end of the month. I know its super frustrating. Just keep pushing for answers and if the,endo specialist cant find anything try a neurologist(thats my next stop after the mir)

You are not alone

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What’s a neurologist? I just hope this gynae is an endo specialist so it doesn’t get dragged out.

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Neurologist would check spinal problem

Check out my post...

Lower back pain is it endo..

Maybe you wont feel so.on your own in this...

It seems very common amongst us with endo..

Ive read about people getting new sofas and new beds because they thought that was the problem and it was all endo related😕

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princessk09 in reply to TAnd71

Thank you, I’ve just had a look

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