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Physical muscular pain before period :(

Hi guys...completely in the dark here and need to know what is going on with my body. i have always suffered badly with my period, its either bad physically or mentally never both together. i used to get black bruising down my right leg before a period ...it would be very sore..the Doc had no idea what it was? lately and for the past couple of years i bloat severely before a period and its like im 6 months pregnant. Right now before this period is due which is the 21st January i have been bloated and heavy all week..having a sharp pain when i breathe in at my back right hand side of my ribcage ..tummy is sore when i press on it..have heaviness and pain when moving all down my right leg...lots of white discharge too. Anybody have any idea if there could be more going on with me than the Doctor knows? im not on contraception as im allergic to it and im 47 years of age.....Thank you :)

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