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Hip and leg pain - help!

I'll start by giving a bit of a back story....

Since I can remember I've had pains in my legs and hips that mainly happens in the evening/ night time. I've had this pain every single night (also sometimes in the day) since I was a child and was told repeatedly by a doctor it was just "growing pains." Occasionally my knees swell a little for a few days and then the pain gets better and they go down. I'm now 28 and around 5 years ago I went back to the same doctor with the same problem and was referred to have physio - this did not help at all. The doctor was reluctant to investigate further and made me feel like I was overreacting so I just accepted this was normal for me.

Four weeks ago the pain started getting so bad it was waking me up at night and felt like the blood in my legs was fizzing and throbbing. A few days later the pain in my hips was so bad I couldn't walk and pain killers were having no effect (I take Naproxen and co-codamol daily). I then noticed my knees had swollen and almost doubled in size, after about a week of pain they eventually started to go down with the help of ice and keeping my legs elevated. I thought it had gotten better but my knees have swollen up again and my hips feel bruised and sore and I'm struggling to walk/ drive. I thought by now I would go back to normal and I don't know whether to see a doctor?

My laparoscopy is on the 19th January will this cause a problem/ should I mention it?

I don't know if I'm worrying about nothing, wondering if anyone has experienced something similar and has any advice?

I'm probably worrying about nothing.

Lou xxx

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I would definitely mention it to the anaesthetist to err or the side of caution in case it indicates a circulatory issue or precludes certain drugs.

If it were me I'd also get a GP to check it out if it's persisted this long as it doesn't seem like a one off strain.

I have the hip and back pain but no swelling. Have you tried an anti inflammatory diet and taking ginger and turmeric?


Thanks for replying.

I'm going to call my doctors just for peace of mind. It's one of those things because I've had more serious health problems i think it's always been over looked but enough is enough now I need to know what's causing it.

I've been doing the anti inflammatory diet for about 3 weeks and don't eat red meat and dairy. I take turmeric tablets daily to help a neck and back injury. most days I eat ginger as we have lots of stir fries and homemade curries. I've also got a light therapy light, I've read that red light can help improve circulation so I'm going to try using it on my legs.

I just don't need this on top of all of the other pain, I'm just hoping it gets better soon 😓

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