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Leg/hip pain with endo

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I have had leg pain that started around the same time as my endo symtoms a few years ago and I have only recently thought maybe there is a connection as I have been diagnosed with endo but the doctors still aren't sure what my leg pain is caused by. Recently I have also been experiencing pain around my hip/surrounding muscles and I'm not sure if this is related or some sort of injury.

Anyone experiencing leg pain with endo, what does it feel like and is it only around your period or all month long?

Is it worth trying to get an MRI, it has been years of pain and only getting worse

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When my endo was bad (I’ve had a lot of luck with the Mirena coil) I was having leg pain. It would shoot down my thighs. The doctor said it wasn’t connected and likely sciatica but I was sure it was endo. Having been in this forum for a while I’ve learnt many people have leg pain but I'm not sure why it happens.

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Hi, I used to leg pain, once I did the op she said it was growing down my leg (something like that) so it is related!! Since the op it has been very mild the pain, before the pain was just horrendous. Mine was usually just around my period, before I started and on my period. I would consult your gyno again x

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I get leg pain too. My hip has been very painful for the last few years following a gynaecologist who ablated endo off of my utero sacral ligaments. It started with shooting pain making my knees buckle so I have to use a walking stick. Recently my hip has been so bad that I’ve fallen over. I’d suggest that you ask for an X-ray of your hip or an mri to try to rule out other problems but it could well be endometriosis…I had to inform the musculoskeletal Dr that endometriosis isn’t just a uterus problem but it affects organs outside of the uterus, what hope is there for us if Dr’s don’t have a clue about this disease! Wish you luck x

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Prettythings1 in reply to Simo7

Wow that’s unbelievable isn’t it xx

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Leg pain is very common with Endometriosis as is hip pain. My mobility is poor and I use a mobility scooter and a walker. Pain is definitely worse in a cyclical way. Hope this helps. xx

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