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Mini pill experiences ?

Hi all, I'm on prostap injections at moment, only first one and it's been hell the past few days with all the bleedinģ which I hope will stop soon. I'm going on the mini pill in 6 months or so and just wanted to know your experiences. Did it stop your bleeding completely ? Did you have pain still? Did you come off the mini pill and what happened to your bleeding and pain? Thanks xx

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I take norethisterone 5 mg daily. This is like high dose minipill. It has saved me and after years of suffering I felt so much better after only a few days on it and have stayed on it now for 5 years. I also have a Mirena Iud. So I have no periods. The mirena acts locally in the uterus to control the endep and the progesterone tablet controls the endo in other spots further away in my abdomen.

The minipill should be easy . I know 1 in 8 can get a low mood on my tablet but if that happens you switch to micro used progesterone which is body identical progesterone and 99% of women have no mood problems with that.

The minipill is just low dose progesterone. My only worry would be that it is not high enough dose to control the endo. You might get break through bleeding if you don’t have a mirena.

I hope that helps!!!

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Hey 😊

I’m on Cerelle and have been for 12 months now, I worked my way through many a side effect, but persevered with it and for me there has been a light at the end of what seemed to be a never ending tunnel. I was put on cerelle as a pain relief, it has stopped my periods totally but took a fair few months for the spotting to calm down and stop. It was very unpredictable. I feel tired most of the time now, the progesterone is a tiredness-inducing hormone I believe, so I know it’s due to the pill. As I said, it’s taken at least 10 months for my body to get used to but I can leave the house and go to work and feel confident knowing I won’t have a trip in an ambulance to hospital due to unexpected pain! As you’ve probably read time over, every single person is different, what I will say is when it’s not going your way and you feel like giving up, just say to yourself ‘ just give it another month’ and see how you go, you will thank yourself for your willpower. I hope it helps you xx


Hey, I was on cerelle and had a different experience. I suffered with severe side effects and it didn’t help my pain at all during and before my period. And caused me to spot between periods. Everyone is different but my body doesn’t like hormone pills.

Once I came off it, the spotting stopped but the period cramps were horrendous


Hi sorry to hear your struggling, I was on prostap injections and while I was on them I didn't experience any bleeding once it got into my system, after finishing the injections I was put onto the mini pill, for a about 2 months I had no bleeding but the pain was crazy and then the bleeding started about 3 weeks ago and hasn't stopped yet and the pain in horrendous,i wae tolf by my doctor to double the dose of the mini pill to see if it would help but it didn't, i hope you have a completey different outcome from it, I hope it does help you, take care


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