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Has anyone been put on the mini pill as a method of preventing endometriosis growth and reducing pelvic and stomach pain?

Apparently that's the next step to try for me as my pain is back very soon after my laparoscopy. However I'm apprehensive about it and I have doubts that it will work since the combined pill I'm currently on doesn't help at all in terms of pain. I'm also a bit worried about the mini pills potential side effects such as acne, vomiting, depression etc.

If anyone has been on it I would be greatful if you could let me know how it was for you, thanks x

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  • I went on every pill probably possible and none helped with my endo. However, I had a mirena coil put in to help with the symptoms and this didn't work either, so I got put on microgynon as well as being on the coil and so far I'm two months pain free and no bleeding either. May be worth asking your doctor about dual contraception xx

  • I was on the mini pill for about 10 years. It stopped my periods entirely and I had no side effects - it was amazing! I came off it five years ago when ttc, fell pregnant, had my son who's now 4. I stayed off it after having my son as I wanted to give my body a rest from hormones. Pretty soon I started experiencing what I now know were endo symptoms. Before being diagnosed I went back on the mini pill for a while as I couldn't bear the pain and once again, my periods and pain went. I came back off it to try for another baby, and here comes the pain again. After a year of pain and finally a laparoscopy in November when I was diagnosed with severe endo, I've given in and gone back on the pill to give myself a rest. I've only just started taking it so I don't know how effective it'll be this time, but I'm hopeful if past successes are anything to go by. Every person reacts differently to each treatment so who knows what your body's reaction will be? But surely it's worth a try? I can't speak highly enough of the mini pill, but good luck in whatever you choose to do and I hope it works for you too x

  • Thanks for your reply! This has given me good reassurance. Yeh I'm going to give it a try and hope for the best I had just previously only heard bad things x

  • You're welcome, it's nice to be able share a bit of knowledge as I'm still learning about the world of endo! I don't know how many types of mini pill there are or what difference they all make, but just for information I'm on cerazette x

  • I've been put on the mini pill, after a lap excision of endo and a hysterectomy for Adenomyosis, only been on it a month but no change yet, my side effects are feelnight sick and emotional,


  • I'm on the coil and it's given me bad acne is there less risk of getting it on the mini pill as that was other option suggested?

    Pain free with cool but I look awful

  • I have no idea, sorry! x

  • Ive been on mini pill for a year now for scar endo and things are much better. It took quite a few months for things to settle but glad I did it now

  • I actually asked to b put on a mini pill after my surgery, problem is u will never know how successful the surgery was I'd u do this. But who the hell cares at this point, u want out of pain. My advice is this: Make sure that u are put on a high progestrone pill with little estrogen or its pointless. U need to ask him. I did this for 8 yrs. I was bloated from the pill but did feel much better. Doctor told me I shld come off pill after 8 yrs. Problem was there was no back-up plan. U must have one. Have kids now if u don't have any bcuz unless u get rid of your ovariesu will always have this problem. I begged for a hysterectomy at 30 bcuz I had no access to good docs, so after 3 unsuccessful surgeries I cldnt take it anymore and had the hysterectomy. I kept one ovary so I wldnt go into menopause at such a young age. I was good for a while but started developing cysts on the ovary I left behind. My doctor said when u remove one ovary it makes the other one work harder. I just had my ovary removed this past Monday bcuz I felt a cyst on it while inwas walking and my bladder and intestines became inflammed. We dont know exactly what caused this inflammation but I figured it was endo. It turned out to b inconclusive but I don't care I feel better knowing I won't bothered with either endo or ovarian cancer. I also made sure to start taking some bioidentical hormones right after they removed my ovary, that way I don't have to worry about hot flashes or headaches. I found a good doc to give me 50mg of progesterone. I'm using it for a month. Then I will see a hormone doc who will go by symptoms and not numbers. Never take ANY kind of bioidentical estrogen and don't let anyb doc tell u that u need to b balanced. This kind of doc knows nothing about treating endo. If the pill causes u prob let doc know so he can adjust it. But like I said it has to have a lot of progesterone and little estrogen. God bless. I've been through 25 yrs of this and 5 laps. Take care sweetheart

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