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Mini Pill Problems?

I've been on the mini pill (cerazette) for precisely a year now, and it has worked wonders! No periods = no pain (or only rarely at least), basically instead of taking the pill for 21 days and having a 7 day break, you take it every day and have no break, therefore I do not have the pain that comes with periods and only suffer from slight pain rarely...

HOWEVER, recently ( the past 2 months), I have started to have very irregular bleeding, something like periods which last over 4 to even 9 days, I had two in one month and I had a 5 day bleed 2 weeks ago...

Anyway, on Friday, I woke up to rather copious amounts of blood pouring out of me (was very niagra falls like, sorry to be graphic), this lasted from 7am onwards, non-stop, extremely heavy bleeding and severe pain. I waited it out til the next morning and then went straight to a&e because somehow it had gotten heavier.

The people at a&e were useless and just gave me more meds! Luckily I have a review with my very helpful gynae this week, but I am really really worried. This kind of thing hasn't happened to me for a long time or has badly.

I have pains down the top of my legs, a brusing like sensation in my legs and abdomen, sharp pains and dull aches in my abdomen and lower back, very hard to walk around/sit up straight etc...

The bleeding has only just calmed down (not stopped completely, but much lighter) today, Sunday and I am still having waves of pain.

Has anybody else experienced this? what could it be? I am panicking and can't wait to see my gynae! I couldn't see her sooner as she was out of the office. I have never missed a pill and I take it at the same time everyday. I haven't had problems for almost a whole year! Help!

I had my bloods/urine tested and swabs, all came back fine.

I'm meant to have a cervical screening and ultra sound this week.

I am taking mefenamic acid and tranexamic acid to stop the bleeding, which seems to be working, and co-codamol for the pain (although I hate how ill they make me feel). I also have tramadol, but try to avoid taking that as it does not have a good effect on me.

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It sounds like an endo period to me. Pills can work for a while and then just not be able to cope with it and stop working in the same way. I always thought that tricycling the combined pill is better than the mini-pill because they aren't really strong enough to keep endo at bay in the long run.

I know it's scary because it feels like it's come out of nowhere, but it does sound quite normal for endo. I would recommend speaking to your Doc about your options for using the mirena coil or swapping your pill, or even adding something else into the mix (like low dose provera or norethisterone). However, it's still important to have the ultrasound and smear to rule anything else out.

Good luck x


I'm definitely not interested in getting the coil, but I will certainly look into the other options :) thank you!


I found the Depo injection to be the best thing I tried - I bled quite a bit with it but it wasn't heavy and pain levels were low compared to the norm!x


Thank you I will ask about that! :) X


I started this pill 10days ago and have had that bruise like pain in one thigh and increased hard to straighten up back pain. Woke up this morning to a full on period. What's going on?


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