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Cysts but gynae says they aren’t the cause of pain ?!


Update. So I had worst pain over xmas which lasted 2 weeks and felt like labour. Scanner told me 1 cyst on left ovary and 3 on right. All 2cm each. Ovaries are enlarged. And a small fibroid.

Emailed scan result to my consultant. But he said nothing in the scan that could be the cause of the pain and to come and see him.

But I can feel my ovaries even now are so sore and swollen and my back hurts too behind my ovaries.

What could the pain be then??

I’m so stressed out it’s making the pain worse. Due back at work on Wednesday and I’m so anxious.

History - endo, ablation in jam 2016.

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Big hugs XXX

I have pain that doesn't correlate to my hydrosalpinx/ post op cyst either and I sympathize as it is very stressful.

It's good the Consultant wants to see you again though. Do what.you can to reduce the stress, it really aggravates.things (easier said than done I know)

I hope you get answers. You are not alone.

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Thanks for your kind words. I’m having an awful day today 😞

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Totally in the same place and weary of pain and lack of sleep.

Thinking of you. Hang in there, you'll find a way through xx

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Sorry to hear this. I’ve ordered the medipen in sheer desperation. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Will try anything

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