My doc refuses to send me to a gyna he says it isn't in my blood so he can't refer me

I was diagnosed 12 years ago and have had three treatments, I had my last laser treatment 6 years ago. the first op they had to separate my ovaries and womb as they were all stuck together (this was all done in South Africa). I can feel it returning as I am suffering from exhaustion, pain and IBS. He says the loss of blood would show! I take my pill continuously for between 3-6 months as this is what my gynae recommended. My doctor doesn't know this as I am worried he would take me off my pill if he did (which he would); but I am unmonitored and am stuck I don't know what to do!

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  • I would see another doctor and ask (demand) to be referred to gynae and preferably and endo specialist xx

  • This is very incorrect, not all ladies with endo have heavy periods or lots of blood loss. In fact, it can grow back at any time if there is estrogen in the body to feed it. I have had the mirena coil in for 2 and a half years and have been blessed with the fact that it stopped my periods- however I know it is growing back because my pain is increasing as are my other symptoms that I had before my lap. I agree you need to see someone else and get a second opinion by someone who knows what endo is!! x

  • I don't have heavy periods and I still suffer with my endo. I'd try see another doctor and get them to send you to see a specialist x

  • I have to change practice both doctors are just as bad as each other. I went through this to get diagnosed if one more doctor offers me anti depressants I might just go loopy! Finding a GP who actually knows what endo is, is like gold dust. I come from South Africa and at least there I didn't have to see a GP I eventually self diagnosed and went direct to a specialist

  • Endo is classed as a 'chronic condition' which means it doesn't really go away, so something tells me ur dr hasn't don't his research and doesn't understand Endo. Get urself a 2nd opinion and head off to someone who really can help u... there's no need to b struggling with this xx

  • This was exactly my problem about two years ago! Unfortunately I had to do it the hard way by going to A&E and showing them the amount of pain I was in. Sadly, they have to see how much extreme pain you are in to take you seriously, I was admitted to a ward for the night and I was then admitted to gynaecology outpatients. Hope it goes well

  • Thanks I am going to change practice today, it's the fatigue that is killing me I am exhausted all the time. I have back pain and stomach pains but they aren't as severe as before but IBS isn't great either. I must say having the laser treatment has really left me pain and symptom free for so long; I would say to anyone considering it to go for it (as long as the reputation of the Dr is good), it was life changing.

  • Don't let them fob you off ! I know you are exhausted but keep fighting x there is also a complaints policy . Good luck, don't be beaten x

  • I strongly feel this doctor is not the best for you lol change your doctor x

  • Change doctor immediately, they are wasting your time through their lack of knowledge. Honestly it baffles me what they get taught at med school!!,

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