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Pain from endometrioma cyst, advice on managing it

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hi all, ive recently been diagnosed with an endometrioma on my right ovary.

I got scanned because id experienced a few bouts of extremely intense pain on the right side of my pelvis. Its only 3cm so ive been told it shouldn't cause pain, but ive been experiencing near constant throbbing for about 9 days now. Before, during and now after my period.

Im on cycle day 8 and have stopped bleeding but the pain is quite bad this morn... Does anyone have any advice? Just take ibuprofen?xxx

18 Replies
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heat pad helps mine but I also take Tramadol too x

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hi I had a cyst that was 1cm and this caused a lot of pain, I took naproxen and when required tramadol. The cyst disappeared after this.

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Toz88 in reply to AllthatGlitters

really even at 1cm?? That makes me feel better as I was told 3cm shouldn't hurt but it does!!

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AllthatGlitters in reply to Toz88

yes at 1cm it was giving me a lot of pain I initially went to the doctor as I had right hand sided pain. I don’t know why doctors say you shouldn’t have pain when a cyst is say x size, as we are all different 😀😃😁

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I would recommend the following:

Castor Belt from Enhanced Health ( changes everything) read about castor oil for endometriosis online.

Blackstrap molasses and apple cider vinegar table spoon in warm water twice a day. For the cyst

Supplements: Evening primrose oil, estroaid, Oxypowder.

Progesterone cream ( under the guidance of a naturopath)

Lastly, for cramps Somedays cramp cream is amazing used topically.

I am totally pain free and had stage 4 endometriosis! I did the above consistently for months and never looked back ❤️

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Nicki17 in reply to Deekemi

Hi Deekemi, did doing these things alleviate the pain only or did they also help shrink the endometriomas?

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Deekemi in reply to Nicki17

It got rid of the endometrioma on my right ovary 🙃 but I was consistent almost religious about it!

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Nicki17 in reply to Deekemi

That's amazing!! That's no easy feat so well done. I'll definitely start incorporating your suggestions strictly too. Thanks so much for sharing

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Toz88 in reply to Deekemi

omg thank you so much for sharing!!! This is incredibly helpful. I will start doing all of this <3

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Anna_EndoUKModerator in reply to Toz88

Please speak to your GP before starting to take any supplements/vitamins etc, as they can interact with each other or with medication that you're currently taking xx

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Toz88 in reply to Anna_EndoUK

lol as if ''speaking to your gp" is an option. But yes take your point thank you, im not on any medication 😘

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Deekemi in reply to Toz88

😂😂😂😂 well said. That said any GP who stops any women from taking vitamin D and evening primrose oil isn’t fit to be a GP! I think you’re good to try these as safe seeing as I’m married to a GP I think you’re good!

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I am in the same boat as you. I had a 9cm one removed last year and have just been scanned again and they found one on each side this time. One 4cm, the other 5cm.

I take paracetamol and ibuprofen pretty much constantly and it takes edge off. The drs have given me codiene but i cant take it when im working or alone with the children so basically never. Hot baths and a heat pad help a little bit also.

I will be following this post for any other tips.

Hope you can find some relief soon

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Toz88 in reply to Sapphire2021

oh you poor thing, will you have yours operated on??? So hard to live with pain :(

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Sapphire2021 in reply to Toz88

I am waiting to be referred back to the consultant at the hospital to see what they want to do. I have very bad scarring and he did say last time that he wont opoperate on me again because its too high risk.

This disease is just so awful isnt it. We are just expected to live with pain 😔

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I dont think it needs to be any size for it to be more painful. Ive had varying sizes over the years of different pain intensities.i currently have one around 3-4 cm on my left ovary(simple cyst) which gives me very sharp constant pains ,and one on my right of 9cm (endometrioma) which is a dull constant pain and feel i pressure as well as difficulty passing urine at times and needing to pee frequently. I take cocodamol and tramadol and at times ,naproxin..dont let anyone tell you how much pain you should be in, its your body ,not theirs!!almost like they are invalidating your pain.

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Toz88 in reply to Ronsk

it was a gynaecologist that told me that as well!! Normally it just throbs but I had one cycle where I was in agony before ovulation, felt like id been stabbed but she said it couldn't be the cyst. But it was in exactly that spot...

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Ronsk in reply to Toz88

I get the same cyclical pains,more so around ovulation ,like im being stabbed with a knife.i get the same sharp pain in my bowels when they start to move ,its like someone dragging the tip of a knife around every inch of my intestine. Its horrific. Nobody can tell you when your not in pain. How would they know? Its just ignorance..

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