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Feeling low

Been feeling rundown in recent weeks, slept most of yesterday. Boyfriend said I'm not ill just lazy. Have had numb finger tips and with IBS it looks like I might be in need of vitamin B12 so have ordered some from Amazon. It's hard enough feeling this way but it's worse when people who should understand say to your face that it's laziness. Wondering if I will ever have energy back...

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Big hugs XXX sorry it's so tough at the moment and you're not getting the support you need.

Worth getting your iron, thyroid, vit d, magnesium and zinc levels checked at the doctors as well as b12. My D was low.

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Thank you...I did wonder if a bit low in iron, look pale and feel so weak. Breathless all week...will see GP end of the week if no improvement. Wish there was an instant fix though 😔 x

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Your boyfriend sounds like a dick, in all honesty.

You mentioned IBS. Is that what you have (has it been diagnosed?)? Or do you just have IBS symptoms?

You should definitely see your doctor about the numb fingertips and low oxygen level (breathlessness). The two go hand in hand. It’s not normal, and isn’t a symptom of endo. You’ll need to get that checked out.


Thank you, I have had IBS for years. Yesterday I came on my 3rd period since laparoscopy and that will explain some of the symptoms, assumed the daily diarrhoea was the cause of low B12. That was a Google search symptom thing. Just sick of feeling sick and being labelled a hypochondriac/liar. Maybe I should see a doctor...xxx


I would definitely go to see the Doctor, and yes: ask to have all of the above checked, and stress in particular the numb fingers and breathlessness. Also the daily diarrhoea, as none of this is normal and 'yes' these latter 3 need to be checked. Ask for full bloods as well as vitamin and mineral checks, and tell him about all your symptoms.

As for the boyfriend ... his attitude is hardly helping. Is there anyone else who can support you right now, & maybe go to the doc's with you?

Take care,

Gritty xxx

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Thank you. I have an appointment next Tuesday with my GP. Can try and get an earlier appointment if I call each morning. Boyfriend doesn't mean to be unsupportive but can on occasion be an arse...will moan to my mum later 😂 appreciate your advice and kind words xxx


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