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Feels like a UTI but antibiotics aren't touching it



I have symptoms of a urine infection however there is no indication of this when they tested my urine . Still they have put me on antibiotics. Its now 5 days later and im in agony feel so drained. The symptoms are similar a burning stinging pain - especially when i wee, a urgency to go but only a little bit coming out. I had a op in may and they found extensive endo on my bladder, pouch of doughlas, Ovaries, Tubes ect. They lasered it all way.

However i think it has come back and cause lesions and adhesions.

Has anyone experienced the same issue?

Any information would be great this is really getting me down to the point i cried at work ;(

Thank you Lauren

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Sorry you feeling rubbish :-(. it does sound like a UTI and it might just be that the antibiotic you have taken is not strong enough or needs to be taken for longer. I would call GP straight away and get seen again. Good luck.


Was a sample of urine sent away to be tested? Often bacteria (infections) will not show up on a urine analysis stick but will grow in a lab.

Anti biotics need to be given that are specific to the bacteria that has grown. And not the "broad spectrum" ones you have probably been prescribed.

So I would suggest that you get urine sent off, if this hasn't been done. If it has been sent see if the antibiotics that you are taking are the right ones. (Doesn't sound like they are, if you have a UTI) Either way call your surgery.

If after urine has been sent to the lab, there is no sign of infection and your symptoms continue, I would suggest you go back to the GP and ask for further investigations.

Best wishes


My GP suspected that I had UTIs too but the antibiotics they gave never made any difference. Go back to your GP and ask them to refer you to a urinary specialist for further tests, that way you'll find out one way or another. As I remember, the antibiotics made me feel even worse, like I had a really bad hangover every day I was taking them. Hope you get sorted xx

I would do all of the above and also google interstitial cystitis - a bladder disease with all the the symptoms of a UTI with no infection present. I have it so you have all my sympathies x :(


Yes I also had this but my wee samples did show signs of infection and I was given antibiotics. You would think that would be the end of it.... But no! It only cleared up after five months of constantly going to doctors and trying different antibiotics.

This all happened last year, and now I have lost the sensation of needing a wee! I will go all day without peeing despite drinking a lot during the day, I have to remind myself to go! Then when I do I have to go again and again and still feel like I need to go again!

GP said this was because my muscles had been damaged while infected ....after my last lap i found out it was because my bladder was stuck. They unstuck it but I'm still feeling the same way. So I can only guess I also have a problem in my POD

I know this doesn't help you but please keep going back to the doctor until they help you.


Hi there, I know it’s like 4 years later but wondered if u got this sorted as I’m now in same position. Thanks

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