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Losing hope

I have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis. I had an ectopic pregnancy removed and they found it during the op. I had really painful periods when I was a teenager and my cycle was all over the place but then went on the pill then had the implant for years and my periods were fine - no pain at all. Since having my implant removed my periods have been really painful, and have got worse since the ectopic, although they are really regular now. The pain wakes me up and I have panic attacks because the pain is so bad. I'm really worried that the endometriosis will get worse because I'm not using contraception because I'm ttc. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with the pain or any success stories of a successful pregnancy? I'm just losing hope and feeling low.

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I understand what you are going through. We were ttc for over a year before I got diagnosed with endo. During that short time my pain got unbelievably bad during periods.

Due to endo we canny naturally conceive and I’m on prostap as preparation for ivf. The thought of my period coming back makes me cringe!


Sorry it’s not a very uplifting story :(

Things take time and are very difficult but my partner is fab, very supportive and just lovely. I trust your partner is the same for you x


Thank you for replying. It's good to know there's people who understand where I'm coming from. I'm struggling mostly because the people around me don't understand and just think I'm being over dramatic.


Hi there hun, i dont want you to giv up hope, i too had an eptopic 10 years ago due to endo, i also had my second tube removed as that was also damaged, if it had stayed there wud be a chance i wud of had a second eptopic, all my hopes were shattered and i became so depressed for a very long time i had lazor treatment to remove the last of the endo and was told i would never conceive a child, well rong , i went through ivf, i was not going to giv up, i kept fightin, im a proud mum to a 7 yr old beautiful boy and the fight was worth it, let me tell you it wasnt easy but dont giv up, 10 years on and the endo has returned worse than ever im struggling with it big time the pain is worse than ever, but my boy keeps me goin every time i look at him i see a reason to keep fighting, i no you feel low now and itsnot surprising it will get worse but please try to stay strong and dont giv up there is help out there you just have to fight and dont giv up, the end result is worth more than u cud imagine.x


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