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Losing the will to live

I felt so pro-active and as though things were progressing with a lot of doctors appointments but now I have to wait 12 weeks until I get to first see a gynaecologist.

Last night was bad, I ended up in a place I haven't been in since my teenage years, and I just can't imagine myself living another 3 months in this much pain just to talk to someone about where to go next.

I was just sat there googling the suicide rates of women with endometriosis and really wasn't surprised to find that at least 25% of people had considered It :(

I don't really know where I'm going with this but just thought i should write about it somewhere.

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What pain relief/meds are you using?


mefenemic acid. It works for about an hour, but i can only take it twice a day at meal times, so the rest of the day im really hurting


The best thing to do is to go back to your GP and ask for more pain relief. You can take other things with the mefenamic acid, like paracetamol and co-codamol if you have it. I had been taking mefenamic acid since the age of 15, but once my disease progressed and my pain got worse I was taking it together with paracetamol, diclofenac and codeine in combination. I also had tramadol, and went to A&E for oramorph/IV morphine when those weren't enough. Diclofenac comes in tablets and suppositories and if you're not squeamish about using them, they are fantastic and quick acting.

Hope you can get to see your GP and get on a better combination of meds soon. x.


Thanks for this! I wasn't sure whether I could take anything else with the mefenamic acid.

I've thought about going to A&E so often, theres been times where I've been awake for like 2 days crying from the pain and I just have to keep having hot baths to try and distract myself from how much it hurts.

I think im going to have to go back this week because I've got an ear / lymph node infection going on too so I may ask about different pain medications when i do x


If the pain is making you distressed, please go to A&E and get help. I know the first time you go is really hard, it feels stupid, but it's the right thing to do. It's what they are there for. x.


Hang in there. I felt the same way. I'm proof that you can get your life back and live pain-free. Go to A&E if the pain's unmanageable and ask your G.P. to write to the consultant with a view to expediting the appointment. The pain is significantly reducing your quality of life. Your G.P needs to give you appropriate pain medication. Please also try quitting dairy, soy, alcohol, sugar and meat which all exacerbate the pain. Eat organic vegetables, especially greens. Take a good quality multivitamin with minerals, and supplement with fish oil to help reduce inflammation (I use Nordic Naturals). Hot water bottles and heat pads are useful, too. You WILL be okay. The pain is overwhelming and unbearable in the run up to surgery and the long waiting lists make us feel there's no end in sight. But there is. You WILL get the appointment you need and you can be pain-free again. Good luck and lots of love, x


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