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Tonsilitis and endo pain


Hi all, hope you are all having a pain free day.

I have developed tonsilitis along with my period this seems to be happening every period. Is there a connection?

I am yet to be diagnosed but gp is pretty certain i do have endo.

I am in a lot of pain and have started taking the tramadol i was prescribed other day.

Its not doing much for the pain its just making me feel like a zombie very spaced out.

Has anyone else had luck with pain relief from tramadol?

Sorry for long post, but needed to vent as feeling pretty sorry for myself atm😔

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Hi lovely.

It sounds to me like your lymph nodes are swelling up and when endo is, bad that can happen due to inflammation and the, way our immune system tries to respond. It happens to me when it's, bad. I didn't get relief with tramadol felt like a, zombiev when I first started taking it then after I got used to it I felt like super woman I would not eat and go into over the top ocd cleaning mode and became very aggressive I'm not allowed to take it anymore I became addicted and cold turkied for three days it, was awful never again. Not saying this will happen to you just be wary. 💗🤗😘

Hi hun, thanks for your reply. Defo feeling like a zombie atm on thr tramadol an this is my second dose of it. Feeling very dizzy aswell. Dont think i will continue to take it and go back to the codeine and see gp as none of them seem to touch my pain

Hope you are well xxx

Have you got any ibuprofen. You can take paracetamol codeine and ibuoporfen together you know. Xxx

I was takin codeine an ibuprofen together an it wasnt helping thats why he gave me the tramadol xxx

You can take it with tramadol too just don't exceed the dose and always use paracetamol as base xxx

Will it still make me feel dizzy an heavy? Xxx

Yeah defo. The Dr recommended it to me before it's, a powerful concoction. That's the thing with these meds hun they make you feel like your on another planet. Xxx

I hate being spaced out especially with 3 young children its so hard being in pain all the time xxx

I know hun. That's why I stopped it with my one. Xx

Have you looked into natural ways like altering your diet. Xx

I havent yet. I will pm u now xx

Ok hun xx

I also take tramadol for when my endo pain is at its worse. It is a effective painkiller for me 😊 I used to get spaced out by it and I had to get prescribed co-codamol when I work-I work with children and couldn’t be a zombie!

But it is better once you get used to it- I do feel less sleepy 🤗 it knocks the pain out when others may not.

I’m not sure about tonsillitis but I do know ladies with endo have poorer immune systems. I frequently get sinus infections- I’ve had one since October which I can’t shift despite many medications 🙄 And when I have any other illness like sickness bug I find my endo also plays up 🙄 like being sick isn’t bad enough!!!

Has your GP checked your iron levels? I was really tired and having dizzy spells and it turns out my iron is very low and I’m taking 3 ferrous sulphate a day. It has really helped 😘

Hope your op is soon and sorts this pain and symptoms out 😘 endo sucks ☹️ I’ve had 3 days and nights of crippling pain due to period so know how you feel - thank god it’s my last one till my second op!’!! We are made of strong stuff us endo ladies 🙌🏻

aaleyah786 in reply to jess1981

Thank you for your reply

I will go back to gp and request a blood test. Ive only started the tramadol today i had 1 in morning then took 2 this afternoon and they sent me really weird all spaced out and really dizzy. Im now feeling really sick and dizzy 7 hours later so unsure if it is to do with the tablets.

Im jusy coming off my period but still in lots of pain. It seems to get worse each period ihave. Hoping specialist can sort me out.


I too have endo and almost permanently have a 'cold' with sinus problems, heaps of sneezing and a bit of a cough. It is getting where I really notice when I actually feel 'well' rather than noticing when I have pain (as it was years ago). I'm fortunate that my symptoms are mostly aching and bloating, rather than sharp pain, and can be pretty much relieved with just ibuprofen.

Sorry for You're suffering. When you have a auto immune disease everything is worse. I was ill seriously for 4 mths cos Dentist cleaned my teeth. At 1 point I thought as 3 lots of different anti biotic hadn't worked that I was going to lose part of my Jaw! Look after and pace yourself as Endo will bring you down if you don't make allowances for your illness. Stop trying to be like normal people work within fixed rules, plenty of sleep. 9 to 12 hrs a nite eat well, stay unstressed, relax, meditation. It's a commitment to living life differently, this was how I managed. It a huge learning curve but it will help. My best Joy

aaleyah786 in reply to JOSANDY40

Thank you for your reply. Means a lot xx

Tonsillitis can be a sign of gluten intolerance. I had it growing up literally every month and once I stopped wheat/gluten it all stopped! Endo patients usually are allergic to gluten and or dairy or both (I'm both). They all kind of go hand in hand. Sorry you're in such bad pain look into diet change ..cutting out dairy gluten and red meat/pork helped me a ton. Progesterone cream also helps! Natpro is a good one. Hope you feel better soon! If the meds aren't helping and just make you feel yucky don't take them. Natural fertility has natural remedies and recommendations for dealing with Endo symptoms. If you have thick blood or clots you can take natural things like wobenzym or nattokinase that help thin your blood and clear out bad tissues like fibroids/cysts/and adhesions. Blessings! With the use of supplements/progesterone cream and diet change I'm pretty much pain free! Hoping for that for you too!

aaleyah786 in reply to BellLady

Thank you for replying will have look at that site xx

Hi have you kicked the tonsillitis? I generally get a sore throat and flu symptoms every month of ovulation, although I’ve had the coil fitted this month.

Am on week 8 of tonsillitis

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