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Post Laparoscopic for removal of endometriomas

Hi Everyone!

I am home recovering from a lap done yesterday. I can't tell you how nervous I was. It was honestly soo quick and fast, and not painful till post surgery. The 6 hours after we're on a scale of 1-10 (with meds) 7 but after my mess wore off I just felt soo sore. The monthly pain I was getting with my menstruals was worse than what I feel now.

I had two endometriomas, one in each ovary. They were about 5cm each. I was told I could be losing one or both my ovaries; however I was able to keep both of my ovaries. Which I'm soo greatful for because I'd love to have another shot at having another child.

I've posted before about eating more plant based/vegan and it helped the pain, bloating, and inflammation I was having. I'm excited to heal so that I can start working out again. I was on strict orders to not do heavy exercises once the endometriomas were found, for the possibility of them rupturing or twisting.

I am so grateful I did this surgery. I have never had surgery before so I was frightened. But the last month I kept telling myself the benefits of this over rule the scary what ifs.

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I'm glad you're doing so well after your op and thank you for posting about how it went. I am very nervous too as am due to have lap surgery to remove my left ovary, Fallopian tube and 2 cysts on the 29th Jan and have been very anxious about it. I'm worried they may have to open me up, remove other reproductive organs of find something sinister.

I know it's probably quite natural to worry but I suffer from anxiety and have lost my parents when I was a child due to cancer so always worry about that.

It does help to hear other peoples experiences so thanks again.



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