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Hi there - I just wondered whether anybody else had an ongoing problem with haemorrhoids? 🤔 As if dealing with endometriosis isn't enough I'm struggling with rectal bleeding, soreness and itchiness. I've been to the Doctors and been given yet another cream to try fingers crossed 🤞 this gives some relief 😌. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

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Germoloids cream seems to be better than any the GP presribes, in my experience.

The itching can be caused by small amounts of retained stool. Do you drink plenty of water and eat a high fibre diet (lots fresh fruit and veg?)

If not try Fybogel Orange sachets every evening - adding a little fresh orange juice to stop them from going thick before you can drink them. But drinking plenty of water essential.

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Any bleeding from back passage requires / justifies an urgent referal to Colorectal Specialist for investigation.

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Thanks for the advice I'll give that cream a try if this one doesn't work! Yes I drink plenty of water, eat veg but probably could do with more fruit!! I am under a colorectal surgeon who I saw earlier in the year. I won't go into detail but we'd thought we'd resolved the problem after having a polyp removed and to leave the haemorrhoids for the time being.

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I've had no surgery, just have to tolerate not having normal bowel function! The clue is in my name!!

Can't bear the thought of having haemorrhids dealt with surgically - ooh!

Think you'll find Germoloids cream helpful.

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I've had them from early teenage years. Now 28.

The best way to keep them under control ive found is to keep a healthy diet so my poops stay small and regular. I drink aloe vera juice daily to help with keeping my bowel healthy too.

Also I keep baby wipes and talc handy for toilet trips to keep it all clean and dry. As sometimes they cause there to be extra moisture which can cause more itching.

I love a wee bit of sudocrem if I've been having itchy problems. Not meaning to be too detailed I also push them back in when possible as I was told it reduces the pressure on them and help them shrink.

Haven't had any removed. But did have one injected once. That hurt alot. So I try the manage them now.

Hope you learn to live soon. They not nice friends to have.



Thanks fizzyfo that's a long time to have had them!! Do they never go away completely? Do they just shrink?

Yes I've got baby wipes they are alot better when things are at there sorest.

I'm just worried that I'm going to end up with another thrombosed haemorrhoid and need another operation this happened earlier in the year!! It was so painful. I found it strange that the blood clot was removed (or whatever they do) yet the haemorrhoid was left?! What did the injection do? The hospital did discuss banding them if things don't improve. Hopefully I can get things under control!!


I had them through bad case constipation through medication( painkillers)!

Was a killer, had thrombosed one 3 times which resulted in me biting down on pillow on dr office whilst she cut it open and squeezed out blood clot !! Pain is not the word

i had a internal one which was hemoeraging so got it sorted... botox as had fissure to and they banded them, it hurt abit but they went. Never had since as im very good about drinking and eating well now plus take a stool softener


3 times you poor thing!! Absolute agony aren't they. I had a general anaesthetic as the pain was to bad for the doctors to deal with it whilst I was awake. I really don't want another trip to the hospital but then I don't want to keep having this problem. I had excision surgery for my endometriosis this year too and I feel so much better. I just need this to be sorted now.... Really glad you've never had them since.


Nope never again. I so anal( excuse pun) about water and pooping that ive totally changed diet since as i dont ever want that pain again....

My dr said she could do it with the injection to numb it but it was just as painful as cutting it so may aswell have one pain then two bits pain! I can see her point but jesus afterwards she told me she had seen 20 stone men cry or faint after i just bit pillow got up and went home...

My friend lives in china and she had a word with her chinese boss and they said they never do anything with them they use this cream or supository called “ mayinglong musk cream” and she sent me both and i used them for a while after the banding as it hurt so much and ive always got some in house now as it brilliant, sore bum, itchy, hems, thrombosed hems it good for it all. It burns abit but it works

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