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Needing to rant and wondered if any one had similar. My laparoscopy was in June this year and the last day of my period. I after laparoscopy didn't get a period until October I think it was. In August I saw the registra gynaecologist and she suggested I start the pill as I had bad pain/pelvic pain and right side pain. Any way her thinking was the pill would help regulate the non existent periods at that time and help etc.

I didn't start the pill until December and stupidly this wk missed two days well I have had break through bleeding past two days. And very bad pain I started to take the pill to complete as some outstanding for this month. I be honest I hoped it would stop the bleeding but it hasn't and the pain is worse than my usual period pain. I have taken ibuprofen yesterday and last night little effect so today I on Abadan extra only other pain killers in doors!

But worry is if this is how painful break through bleed is what is my period pain going to be like!!!

I'm not a wimp and am used to painful periods having suffered since 11 years old with heavy painful clots & flooding. Only time they did slow was on the pill in my 20s and 30s. But I never experienced what I have now but then as far as I aware I didn't have endometriosis. Mind you endo was only found in laparoscopy when I went in for cysts to be removed from my overies so I suppose it could have been there a while as it was all over my overies and all round according to the gynaecologist. But what I worried now is this right side pain going to be there all the time during break through bleeds and periods. No pain killer touches it my stomach bloated ok I know that normal but the pain much worse.

I'm wondering now if I need either a diff pill and prescription pain relief I have had to canx a new job induction night shift. I've rarely cancelled work cause of periods etc so should give example of how painful it is today. I mean I've gone and had nights I could barely walk etc I worry I'm going to loose my new job. I will admit I lied said I had a bug as I not keen to say endometriosis as I know it isn't fully understood and well I don't want them to know.

So now I hope 🀞🏽 I get a new start date and hope this pain calms down. πŸ™πŸ˜¬πŸ€”πŸ€§

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I'm so sorry you're suffering pain - it's not nice and you're definitely not a wimp.

I had a lap in June which found endo and mine was treated. Like you my pain and symptoms have returned- my story is a little different to yours- I was TTC and conceived a month afterwards but lost the baby since then it's back with a vengeance. I know how frustrating it is to have the pain return when you think it's all sorted and you should have normal periods πŸ˜‘

Unfortunately endo can return- which is something they don't warn you about.

My fertility doctor has referred me to a general gynae for my menstrual issues-too many to list! Also I had a scan which indicates a uneven uterus lining- I don't if that's causing my pain & symptoms or its endo has grown back. I'm hoping they'll do another laparoscopy- the pain is unbearable.

Prior to my lap the GP put me on the pill to ease my symptoms- this didn't work I had two periods within a month!

Hopefully the other ladies here will be able to advise better ie the pill.

Hope your gynae or GP can get to the bottom of it soon.

Good luck xoxo


Hi Jess1981

I'm sorry to hear you lost your baby.

Endometriosis is new diagnosis I never New I had it until the ultrasound found cysts then that led to to further test etc. I haven't felt right since the laparoscopy I held off taking the pill as after years of failed ivf/donor egg attempts told I could get pregnant. So we wanted to try but since laparoscopy I had two periods and so painful much worse than ever before that in Dec I decided to take the pill. But I keep forgetting to take it 😬. Hence this bleeding now which isn't pleasant.

I am in process of moving GP surgeries I complained about mine after being a patient since around 1995 this year I have emailed two complaints. First as can never get to see a GP and second got a new very rude nurse practitioner at the surgery. She was very dismissive to me and my 11 year old daughter during a joint appointment. My daughter is adopted and hates going to doctors so tonne met with an abrupt and rather rude nurse wasn't appreciated. Sadly now means I won't go nack to my GP till I transferred over forms not long sent off. So hoping won't take to long.

I just need some advice really and wondering if beneficial to take my pills without a break cause if this painful with break through bleed what will my period be like when I stop for the seven day break!!

I really don't think I can stand this pain for a week!

So I am thinking of options and been some reading up there are good points to taking pills back to back for few months. But with any thing some health concerns but on flip side I can't have my overies feel like they at war lol like this. I know I not alone that's why I find this site a comfort. I tend to ramble on though when in pain or frustrated.

So thank you 😊 for replying x hot water bottle does help that's my one number 1 aid today x

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Dear Jess1981

I wish you all the best with your fertility and gynaecologist appointments. My fertility as far as I was aware wasn't linked to endometriosis I was never tested for it so your gynaecologist will be aware of all your problems.

And I wish you all the best.

Big hugs

Tracey xx


I'm so sorry you've been so badly treated by some medics been there myself. Im also sad to hear of your struggles TTC. Know that one very well. You need support from the medics going through this. My GP wasn't very supportive because he couldn't resolve it instantly he was disinterested to say the least...

I think the GP should refer you to a gynae particularly as you want to extend your family. Clearly this is a gynae issue and needs to be treated by a gynae- GPS aren't brilliant with lady issues. You shouldn't have to decide between TTC and having symptoms treated. That isn't fair on you.

If the pain gets unmanageable you could always phone 111 for advice and explain you are in the process of registering with s GP- they might get you an appointment to see a medic. You shouldn't have to put up with pain. Pain is an indication something isn't ok and shouldn't be ignored.

My GPS are all disinterested in my symptoms as I'm under two gynaecologists but hopefully they get to the bottom of it all next year and we can fall again with a happier outcomeπŸ˜€

Thank you for the kind wishes and wishing the best for you too xoxo hope the new GP is more helpful xoxo

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