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Hospital App, is it a laparoscopy ?

Hi there,

I received a letter a couple days ago from my hospital saying I had an appointment for the Gastroenterology Clinic and that I have to go to the outpatient department. At my last hospital appointment, i was told I would be getting a laparoscopy and not sure if this it? I have also just had a pre-op on the phone but again not sure if it was for this and stupidly forgot to ask.

I have never had a lap before so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Gastroenterology is your stomach bowel and gastric system. They would not be doing a diagnostic lap for endo. Are you due a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy to check for endo inside the bowel?


Sorry this isnt related to the original post but can you get endo inside your bowel? During my lap they didnt find any on my bowel but i have most of the symptoms of bowel endo x



not sure if you've been on this site but I find the information quite helpful, it says in their information leaflet-

"What causes bowel endometriosis?

Endometriosis can affect the bowel in the abdomen and pelvis. It can be on the surface of the bowel (superficial) or penetrate into the bowel wall (deep endometriosis). Recto-vaginal nodules probably start superficially on the surface and progress to deep infiltrating disease growing through the wall of the bowel. There are lots of theories, but the exact cause of bowel endometriosis is not known. "

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Yes you can. I had a nodule on my bowel and was checked to see if it had grown through the bowel wall myself which is the more common scenario I think.

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they have mentioned a colonoscopy but said it would only be after they do the lap


Perhaps the timings have gotten out of sync with a delay on laps due to winter pressure?


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