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Ovulation pain? Pain after surgery? Help!

Hi girls,

I had my 4th lap 6 days ago, they found nodules on my bladder, bowel adhesions, endo on both ovaries, ligaments and as usual my left ovary was stuck to my uterus (they free it during each lap but it always sticks back).

The problem is I am in a lot of what I would call my ''usual endo pain'' and I’m not sure why. I usually tend to get a lot of pain around ovulation, it starts a few day before and intensifies around ovulation and carries through until my period when I get further intense pain. At first I wasn't sure if what I was experiencing was pain from the surgery but I’m now 6 days post op, and although i'm still sore, I don’t feel like this is just recovery pain?

Did anyone continue to have the exact same pain after surgery? Or those who have ovulation pain, did this continue after surgery? I’m a bit deflated and concerned by all of this as my husband and I are hoping to start trying to conceive from next month but if this pain continues I won't be able to stop taking tramadol because the pain is just as intense as it was before.

I am trying to remember what it was like after my previous laps but I had always been on the pill after surgery so I wasn’t ovulating.

I also have chest endo which my gynae won't operate on, I wonder whether this is connected in some way.

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Hugs. 6 days is very early on post operatively and you will be very inflamed inside, the first 3 periods and ovulations can be very painful post op. I had a lot of pain ovulating after my ovary treatment in my first lap for at least the first month or two, it's a very sensitive area.

This describes the body's healing process well and why you experience pain like endo symptoms post operatively.



Thanks so much Starry, very interesting read and very reassurance xx


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