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New to here!

Hi guys,

Just wanted to speak to people who understand x No real questions for anyone would just like to share x

Pains started 6 years ago, since then I've had 4 surgerys, endo found all over, rectum had to be re-alligned, part of overie and appendix removed. Ive tried every type of bith control inc the coil, I have had injections to put me into a false menopause, I have been on painkillers ranging from paracetamol, naproxen, zapain to tramadol, diclophhenic and dyhydracodine (sorry if spelt wrong 😕).

In Nov last year I was discharged from my specialist with him saying my only option was pain management, in Aug this year i had cortisone and trigger point injections in my groin with no sucess.

I suffer from pain daily not just during periods (which I try not to have), this includes, stomach cramps, back ache, fatigue, groin, leg and thigh pain etc.

I try not to stay off work but had to take a month of lately due to the sheer pain after having a period, I'm back in working 6 hours but I'm completely exhausted.

Reading the posts on here have been so nice, to see I'm not alone (not that I wish what we go thru on any1) X

I have now been re-reffered to my specialist after begging my GP and I'm going to explore the option of a hysterectomy in January x

Much love to you all and keep your heads up.

Lisa xx

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