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Hi guys, I'm new here, I'm just starting to have investigations, they don't know yet whether it is endometriosis or if something else is going on. I've had blood tests which were all fine, just waiting for an ultrasound scan next. It's hard waiting not knowing. I've felt quite alone as I don't know much about it all and whether there is actually anything going on or not and I'm only 20. Feels good to be able to reach out to people who may have been in the same position as me. :)

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Afternoon. I have been in your situation and it took them over 2 years to get what I needed in the first place... I finally got diagnosed with endo October in 2019 and finally started my hormonal injections in December... Till April this year. On almost my 4th injection and its don't much... Hope you get the answer you need and keep pushing for them good luck x

Hi, thank you for replying. Did anything show up on your ultrasound? I’m worried that if nothing shows up they’re just going to ignore me and say that the pain is just something I have to deal with. I hope your injections start to help you. Thank you so much for your support x

Good evening your most welcome... I had so many interal scans, ultrasound scan nothing showed up until I had my MRI scan and that's where they finally found it. If they would of done all this over 2 years ago then I could of done something then but they left me and I told them is isn't in my head... Atm I'm going on my 4th round and they haven't done anything only thing it's done is stopped bleeding not pain wise. And it feels like Im going to gush out with bleed and feels like my insides are going to fall out. I still having bloating... Keep pushing and don't give up because their not in your shoes and they don't know what pain feels like x

Oh how awful for you, I'm so sorry you haven't got to where you hoped to, I really hope they find something else to help you as that's not nice to have to continue in that way.

Thank you, I will do x

Thank you, i really hope you get the answers you need and want too. Just bare in mind it may take a good while In all this but be paitent and hang on in this always a light at the end of the tunnel... Keep me updated on your outcome and I do the same to you too. Wishing you all the best ❤️ I hope so too but I think it's only injections you can have and try then last resort is surgery as their isn't no cure for it x

Thank you very much, I appreciate it might take a long time! Thank you, I will do. No I know there's not. Best of luck x

Your very welcome you also best of luck too! X

Hi, I’m aldi having an ultrasound first but the Gynae did clearly say it doesn’t always show up on these so he will probably then do a laparoscopy anyway! So if they say there’s nothing, don’t settle for that answer! You have to push for what you want xxx

Hi, thank you very much. That’s really helpful. I will push for some answers as it’s just getting worse. I appreciate you replying xx

I’m in the same position as you just now. My ultrasound came back healthy but they weren’t worried about that because it’s unlikely to show endo on the scans and I’m getting a laparoscopy on 6/3. I think because they’re sending you for an ultrasound it s easy to expect something from it. I was a bit disheartened when they said it was clear as I was expecting some kind of answer but they know what they’re doing so try not to worry xx

Hi, thank you, I’m sorry you’re going through it too but I’m glad they’re investigating further. Yes that’s true, I do understand that it might not show on the scan, if there’s anything there anyway! Thank you, that’s really nice to hear from someone in the same situation. I hope yours gets sorted xx

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