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New here, thick endometrial lining?

Hi ladies,

I'm currently having scans to investigate why my periods have become so painful, I'm 33 and I have 4 children (had my 4th 9 months ago) and I would rather feel the pain of childbirth than have my period each month.

Doctor sent me for a scan last week and the results where back the next day, I apparently had a thickened endometrial lining of 17.2mm (I'm not on any hormonal pill) he said that was quite thick, so he is sending me for a repeat scan in 6 weeks to see if anything has changed, but either way he said he will be referring me to gyne as he suspect Endometriosis, but when I google thick lining all that comes up is cancer! Is a thick lining linked to endometriosis? Did any of you have a thick lining? If so what happened? How did they treat it?

Many thanks for any replies. Xxxx

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What day of your cycle was this done and how long are your cycles?



It was on day 24 of my cycle and my cycles have gotten longer, they are now every 31-34 days (this month that the scan was done I came on on day 31)

Many thanks xx


Then you were in the secretory phase between ovulation and menstruation when the endometrium is thickest as it prepares for pregnancy. For healthy women with normal cycles up to 16 mm is considered normal. With extra long cycles you are hanging on to your endometrium longer than normal and it may mean you are not ovulating. Given the time of month the scan was done and your long cycles I should think this won't be cause for concern but I should try and time the next scan at a different time.

If you are referred for endo investigations have a look at my posts on the treatment pathway and on the importance of the diagnostic lap being done by someone who really knows what they are doing. If there are still any concerns about your endometrium they should do a hysteroscopy at the same time. x

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Thank you for your reply, I do think I ovulate as I have always had ovulation pain, also I had cysts on one ovary and the ovary was enlarged (because of the cyst maybe) two years ago I had an op on a hemoragic cyst which was causing me lots of pain.

Just a long wait now for a repeat scan, and yes will try to get it early in my cycle.

The pain I get now just before and during my period is unbearable, GP gave me a few different painkillers and nothing is helping, can't move for several days.



Good advice you could have fibroids within the uterus as well ?


Hi, my GP sent me for the first scan suspecting fibroids, tho at my scan she told me she didn't see any. I have had such bad symptoms of a hormone imbalance for the past four years (had a baby during that time too) and I feel like I'm going mad, the pain when I have period is awful I dread it each month. Hope the next scan comes around quick as I can't help but worry.

Thank you for your reply x


They should take a sample of the uterus during a hysteroscopy if the lining remains thickened hopefully this will be not be required if you womb lining is thinner on nxt scan ! Remember scans will not show endo very often or adenomyosis a blood test may indicate it but a diagnostic lap will say for definite ! Your not going mad it's an illness I've thought the same things at times


Yes, a thick lining is definitely asscociated with endo. It's how my internal medicine specialist suspected my endo after a ct scan. That was the beginning of my journey to some relief. Sad to say it's been about 3 yrs after my surgery and I'm in pain as I type this. This disease is horrible.


So sorry your still in pain, I'm hoping I get help soon, can't take this pain anymore, each cycle is getting worse, only feels like I have a few pain free days x


Just had my next scan through for Wednesday! I will be only on calendar day 12 of my cycle then too. Hopefully will get some answers/help soon x


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