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Sorry for the rant

I’m in so much pain and in work at 6am with no sleep. My period pains kept me awake most of the night and I want to cry.

I have a manual job and they won’t let me do something that I could do sitting down.

Strong doses of codeine don’t help at all and my back and stomach is in horrendous pain, feel sick and tired.

Sorry for the little rant, I haven’t be diagnosed yet but does this sound like endo? I’m at the hospital next week

PS. I left work after 2 hours, the pain is unbearable atm

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It does sound like endo! My biggest struggle has been trying to get a diagnosis. When you see the gyne don't ask, tell them what you want and push for answers and take someone with you who isn't afraid to do that for you incase you get upset!

I worked in retail when mine started so I feel your pain, try and get your gp to write you a letter explaining that you're suffering with a lot of pain and will be seeing a consultant soon, they have to try to accomodate your needs X


I can’t take anyone with me as I don’t want my parents knowing I’ve had sex haha. Since I have very painful sex as well it may be awkward. Plus my boyfriend doesn’t live near me.

I have a pain diary so I’ll take that but I’m scared surgery might get mentioned x


Could you not take a friend? Pain diary is the best thing to take! I was terrified for my first surgery, I have a needle phobia too so I got myself in such a state but honestly once you're there it's over before you know it and the recovery pain was nothing compared to my period pain so it really wasn't too bad 😂


My best friend doesn’t understand, she thinks it’s normal pain and my parents think I’m lying about it.


Aw i'm sorry, I lost a lot of friends over them not understanding. I'm always here if you need someone to rant to! There's an app called my ebdometriosis team that's worth downloading! There's a lot of support on there x


Thank you and same to you 💕


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