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disability living allowance RANT

ESA have declared me as disabled unfit for work , but try to get disability living allowance is a different matter just been turned down on my second attempt because im not disabled enough i have cysts on my liver , gallstones which cannot be operated on due to endo and adhesions . my whole right side of my body is in chronic pain so much so i walk with a limp and need a walking stick and the only thing doctors can do is try and give me a quality of life . back on to citizens advice see what they can do .

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sorry to hear of your problem. I think citizens advice might be a good idea. It is mad that esa can say you are not fit for work but you can't get DLA.

I'm afraid I don't know much on these matters but maybe someone else may have some more helpful advice/experiences.

good luck x


Yes I agree go and see the cab citizen advice bureau and I can't get disability allowance as they don't believe I'm deaf and failed twice so not going to bother as they will fail me again... but good luck


Hi I had the same probem,they stopped by benefit for 6 mths until I appealed,they are now trying to stop CAB offering legal advice free,as they were losing so many appeals.I have M.S visual problems and in chronic pain,but I feel the DWP Personnel shouldnt be the ones to make medical decisions after you have had a medical,CAB got me a copy of my results from the medical.under the law that says you have a right to know what is on yor medical record,and the doctor had recommended that I was unfit to work,so wentto appeal,and was accompanied,the question asked if DWP sends you for a medical,and the doctor marks you as unfit,how come it is then DWP who makes the decision,have they suddenly had medical training to go againt all doctors advise.Crystalgirl


they are trying to stop CAB as they want this illness classed as a disability and they are trying to campaign for it to be classed so .


Hi Crystalgirl,

If you look at the back of your appeal bundle it will show you how you scored and by whom. Yes the DWP use Health Professionals but you are right they dont know you like your GP does and any supporting evidence your adviser requests from your GP, should be taken into consideration, more seriously than it is at present.

I previously worked as a Welfare Rights Adviser and know that a combination of evidence from your application, GP/Consultants reports and what you have conveyed about your illness to the Adviser during interview, are all used in your appeal submission, to explain in detail how you are affected.

My advise is to keep fighting, even though you may feel you want to give up because of the stress and anxiety AND your illness..... just think, if we all fight back....how much we will ultimately be helping each other.

Hope things work out for you

Take care

Angie xx


hi Astrogirl7

I did win my appeal,but what I was trying to say,is if you are disabled or chronic, that alone should be the benchmark that DWP should follow,not put these people through additional stress.They the DWP should make exceptions and not treat every caseasif we were all work shy.With regards to CAB,I think that the government have gone overboard in making sure that they win what ever the cost to people who are really suffering and really need help .Crystalgirl


Hi Linnyloo63,

My suggestion would be to draw up a statement of your own and go into as much detail as possible (if you haven't already) about how your illness/es affect you on a daily basis, e.g. the help you need and how you get around...or not! .

This can always be attached to your application and I know it may feel as though you are repeating yourself over and over again .......but in this instance its totally necessary to make your point stand out, giving the reader a good indication of your misery and debilitation.

Best of luck my friend

Take care

Angie x



I had similar problems with DLA however you must be persistent. I appealed the decision on 3 seperate occassions and then it went to a tribunal. I collated statements from my firends and family and anyone who offers help and support to me as a result of my health to outline how it effected me and all of the things I require help with. I also submitted as much medical evidence as I could find at the tribunal, there was so much it had to be ajourned and a new date set. I also made copies of everything which I sent to them such as the DLA form and letters and when the refusal came back again I would quote the page and direct sentence in which I had mentioned something. For example they would say I was safe alone in the house and could function by myself. So I would highlight the sentence in which it outlined that I required help to bathe and the injuries I had obtained whilst struggling by myself through black outs and such like.

I had my Dad to help me stay strong and motivate me to keep trying. It took me nearly 3 years to get it but it was backdated to the date of my original appeal. I would really suggest getting a truested friend or family member to keep your spirits high and your anxiety down.

Good Luck and persevere!! xx


i have sent DLA everything from my appeal I had overturned by ESA plus letters from doctors and hospital saying there's no more they can do for me . DLA say it covers for long term illnesses too but nothing has been said about my illness just that I can get around with a walking stick but I get what you said CAB filled in my form and some of the things stated have been ignored .I'm more disappointed that how much more have I got to get to be classed as disabled


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